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A Web Design Toronto Company.

Parachute Design is a top web design agency hand-crafting beautiful website design and branding since 2003.

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What we do

Web design that makes an impact.

Our web design firm has two very simple goals; to optimize every user‘s experience and hand-craft measurable impact for all our clients.

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Web Design Toronto

Engaging web design built upon user experience strategy that responds to its environment and user behaviour offering an optimized UX/UI design and browsing experience for all devices.

WordPress Design

Fully custom WordPress web design and development to take full control over the world’s most popular CMS platform to power your digital marketing initiatives.

Web Development

A custom-built content management system may be best for your small business’ new website. Our award-winning web development company has the experience to craft any solution.

eCommerce Design

Whether it’s WordPress or any other Open Source platform, our web design and web development services are backed by robust e-Commerce development to support small business growth.

Brand Identity

Through our logo design process developed over more than 19 years of professional experience, we deliver consistency in logo design and brand experiences that turn heads.

Graphic Design

Reinforce your new website design with hand-crafted brochures, reports and other social media marketing materials to create a professional brand experience.


Our happy clients.

Consider us romantics at heart. For more than 19 years, we’ve nurtured rewarding relationships with many exciting brands and companies across North America.

Best Web Design Toronto Company

We’re an award winning web design agency… and can back that up.

A lot of web designers claim to have won awards, but few can actually back it up.

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Design is a complex undertaking without experience and professional strategies. Our web designers plan and execute your next project.

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Top Web Design Toronto Agency

Who we work with.

We work with companies across all industries to offer hand-crafted web design services that support each and every client’s unique brand and digital marketing goals.


Quick answers to commonly asked questions.

We take pride in providing transparency to our clients and strive to maintain clarity in everything we do. If you’re not ready to contact us but have a question, you may find answers here.

More FAQ
Why work with Parachute?

With over 19 years in the most competitive web design market in Canada, we’ve stood as one of the best Toronto web design companies evident in our winning digital strategies and client testimonials that highly recommend our Toronto-based web design services to magnify our clients’ web presence.

Top reasons to work with Parachute

  • We deliver creative, functional web design Toronto services that convert web traffic into business success through conversion optimization
  • We take communication and responsiveness seriously and respond to requests quickly, setting clear expectations through our web design process
  • We have an experienced and passionate team that strives for pixel-perfect detail in our SEO web design solutions
  • We are flexible and understand needs sometimes change mid-project to focus on the most important aspects of growing your business
  • Our Clutch rank number showcases us as a top web design and development agency in Toronto, Canada
  • We have a proven track record working with some of Canada’s most prominent brands across many different industries to revitalize their web design
  • We have years of experience working with new businesses to build everything from lead generation websites to custom e-commerce solutions
  • We can offer managed web hosting or help you find the perfect web hosting partner to take your site to the next level
  • You will always work with the same project manager from start to finish
  • We have a network of marketing partner agencies that specialize in supporting services like video production, social media marketing and marketing automation.

Take a tour of our web design portfolio to review our previous work.

What is your web design process like?

Our top web designers have built a successful six-step website design process over nearly two decades working with clients across Canada and the US and encourage our clients to play an active role in our marketing strategy.

No one understands your business and customers better than you do and the experience and information you bring to the table are a key part of the discovery and strategy phases of our workflow. Using Google Analytics and other data to inform our UX/UI design is fundamental to our web design and development process and achieving success in growing your online presence.

Learn more about our six-step web design process and how we live and breathe web design Toronto.

How much does a website cost?

This is a tricky question for a web designer as every site is unique and requires a variable number of UX/UI design mock-ups, website functionality, digital strategy and a mix of several or all our services.

We break down small business web design projects into four tiers by average cost including custom web development.

Web Design Toronto Project Tiers

  • Microsite design and web development of 3-5 web pages range from $15,000-$20,000.
  • B2B website design or typical marketing websites range from $50,000-$70,000
  • Custom e-commerce development starts at $60,000; and
  • Highly customized or interactive web development such as portals or membership sites starts at $70,000.
  • Search engine optimization is woven into all web design Toronto tiers.

Book a call today to share your goals, learn about our experience and discuss a high-level timeline and budget range.

Do you offer search engine optimization?

Yes, we do offer search engine optimization services for many businesses. Our top web design company in Toronto is afforded opportunities to work with the best SEO service providers around the world. Through these experiences, we’ve honed our search engine optimization expertise and broad knowledge of search engines and their ever-evolving algorithms to maximize our clients’ web presence.

We don’t offer SEO services independent of mobile-friendly web design services or web development projects as our expert SEO knowledge is best realized when it is woven into a custom web design and web development project to maximize search results and enhance your online presence.

Look for web design near me and Contact us to learn more about our search engine optimization services and how this digital strategy can grow your business.

Do you use templates in your web design?

Our web designers in Toronto do not use templates in our user experience or custom web design work. All of our design and development services are created from scratch and utilize all the available real estate on the screen. The key to creating beautiful websites is to avoid being constrained or confined by the limitations of a template.

In fact, it’s also more difficult to fully execute our best SEO services within the confines of restrictive templates.

Our website designing and digital strategy work is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client which also allows us to offer more in-depth search engine optimization services that are woven into our web design process.

The only way to create websites that turn heads and deliver results is to develop a strategic UX/UI project plan carefully crafted for your business. Using a generic template and forcing it to suit your unique needs is merely a half-measure. It’s a custom solution or bust in our opinion!

Do you offer any digital marketing agency services?

We are not a digital marketing agency… exactly; the line in the sand is a bit blurry.

Our Web Design Company in Toronto focuses on web design and development services offered in-house that include web design Toronto and website development including user experience design, conversion optimization, custom e-commerce development and search engine optimization.

For those that look for website designer near me and land on our site, we create assets that a marketing agency would use in its inbound content marketing strategy or deploy throughout their marketing services. As a web designer, we partner with our client’s marketing experts to bring their digital marketing strategy to life as custom web designs, website development, logo design, brochures and online marketing.

Although we do offer custom mobile app design, we do not offer mobile app development.

Digital marketing agency services we do not offer:

  • Video production
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Content creation / Content marketing
  • Mobile application development
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns
  • Google AdWords
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile app development
  • POS e-commerce applications.

We do have a network of great digital marketing company partners we would highly recommend to solve all of your digital marketing needs.

How big is your company?

Recognized by top web design digital agency directories like Clutch, Parachute is an award-winning Toronto web design agency. We have six web designers and eight web developers giving our great team balance for tackling graphic design projects for clients of all sizes to deliver outstanding results.

Our team went virtual in 2009 and has enjoyed the benefits of a greater work-life balance along with our success.

To learn more about how our web designers can help your business grow on the back of our digital marketing experience and search engine optimization knowledge, contact us.

Can you fix my website?

Our web designers no longer take on digital marketing projects with website designs or software development that another digital agency has created.

The decision to stop accepting this type of work was a difficult one as a web designer and we don’t like to turn people away.

However, accepting a web development project of this nature requires significant discovery by our internet design team to analyze the website to understand how it works, how it’s built and how everything is connected.

In the end, the cost is close to a new custom website design or web development, but often with only limited improvements.

Can you manage my social media marketing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer social media marketing or content creation services. Our skillset is best put to work creating the visual or functional assets that are used in these various marketing channels or serve as the landing point for Google AdWords or social media marketing campaigns.

What website platforms do you work with?

There really are not many platforms our Toronto web design company can’t integrate into your website. Our Toronto website design firm specializes in open source web development, PHP software development and search engine optimization focusing primarily on WordPress.

We are often integrating multiple platforms within each website including CRM’s, ERP’s, email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Google Analytics, appointment booking services or payment processors.

In some cases we’ve even built custom API’s to connect two or more different platforms that do not have open support.

When it comes to the best website hosting platforms, we can work with just about any provider, however, having been in the website design / web development industry for two decades, we naturally have some strong recommendations to help you achieve all your goals.

Our website designers are happy to work with your social media marketing or online marketing agency to integrate third-party applications they may wish to use as well to deliver custom solutions to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Do you work with WordPress templates?

Our web designers in Toronto do not work with pre-made or purchased WordPress templates as these types of assets tend to be very rigid and require a significant amount of discovery by web development agencies to fully understand the configuration of each theme and its web pages.

It’s important for the both the creative and development teams to be on the same page to create a highly effective website.

Our web design agency specializes in user experience design and strategy that informs our custom website design work tailored to each client. The only way to achieve this is by working with our clients to identify their sales goals, strengths, weaknesses and starting fresh using all available creative real estate.

Using premade WordPress templates limits the unique design and e-commerce development we aim to provide our clients and hinders our ability to help them meet their website goals.

To learn more about our custom WordPress design services contact us today.

Do you work with companies outside of Canada?

Yes, as an award-winning digital web design company in Toronto we are exposed to many great opportunities near and far. We work with companies and website owners all over the world. The majority of our clients reside in Canada and the US, however, we maintain relationships with companies in Europe as well.

Whether you run a tech startup, law firm or work in the entertainment industry, we have the experience to craft a truly exceptional experience for your audience.

Thriving in web design Toronto for two decades has afforded our graphic design agency many opportunities to build relationships with reputable brands across North America that rely on our web design services to bolster their digital marketing campaign.

What industries or types of clients do you work with?

Our Toronto web design company works with small businesses to enterprise-level clients. We have been a staple in the web design Toronto industry since 2003 and expanded our client-base across Canada and North America over the last two decades working with some of the world’s most exciting brands to enhance their online marketing.

We work with new customers of all shapes and sizes to deliver digital solutions to all professional service and solutions providers. Whether you run a law firm, a tech startup or a real estate investment house we have the experience to deliver creative solutions that provide measurable results with creative branding and web designs.

We believe in approaching graphic design projects with a hand-crafted design to help each client meet their goals rather than offer a one size fits all solution.

This, paired with our creative expertise and technical skills is what makes Parachute a great marketing partner.

To learn more about our UX/UI design services and the businesses we’ve helped grow visit our website design portfolio to read case studies detailing how we’ve helped clients exceed their marketing goals, or get started with a free consultation today.

Are you an accredited design agency?

Yes, we are an award-winning web design company that is fully accredited by RGD Ontario (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario) as well as the GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada) and enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We’ve also won awards and commendations for web development from platforms like Clutch that focus on Toronto web agencies and related web design services for validation purposes.

Who will be working on my project?

In most cases for public relations, you will deal directly with our project manager who has two decades of experience working on all sorts of digital marketing campaigns, brand design and web design / development. Occasionally, you may interact with one or more of our Toronto website designers and the lead web developer assigned to your project for clarity through the development process.

We don’t like playing the broken telephone game and make every effort to streamline our workflow and communication process as professional service providers.

What eCommerce platforms do you work with?

As our Toronto web developers specialize in open source solutions like WordPress we primarily work with WooCommerce as our e-Commerce development platform of choice. This allows our web designers in Toronto to provide highly customized online stores for our clients.

We do dabble with other platforms, such as Magento, but have found the most success and flexibility with WooCommerce, even when partnering with a third-party for mobile app development and other digital marketing services.

WooCommerce is also a top choice when integrating with your social media marketing solutions for its flexibility and advanced integration features.

Additionally, our expert website developers often create customized payment gateways integrated into client websites using payment processors such as Moneris, Stripe and others where a full-blown e-Commerce storefront is unnecessary.

Please note, we do not work with the Shopify eCommerce platform as it is a closed system.

To learn more about our custom e-Commerce website design services contact us today.

What CRM’s do you work with?

Though we do not work “within” the CRM’s, we have extensive experience integrating the most widely used client relationship management tools available today to achieve your business requirements, including:

  • Hubspot
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce
  • Marketo and more.

Whether you want to develop a marketing funnel for your law firm or build a lead generation platform for your real estate start-up, we have the experience to weave everything together into a seamless user experience.

How much does a logo design cost?

Logo projects are the most difficult type of graphic design services to price out. Branding is the foundation of all the digital marketing solutions you will deploy to promote your business. It’s incredibly important and personal and often requires business owners to make big decisions.

Our Logo Design Approach

  1. New logo design: in this type of project we create 3 brand new custom design concepts tailored to your new business. Through the revision process with our clients, we narrow these down to a winning concept and work together to refine the artwork before preparing the brand identity manual and business systems including business card design and social profile graphics. This type of project starts at $10,000.
  2. Brand refresh: in this type of project we are not creating a whole new identity from scratch, but instead, working with your existing brand to give it a facelift, or refresh so that we’re not completely overhauling a brand that holds value with an existing customer base. Instead, we breathe new life into the brand for years to come. This type of project starts at $5,000.

Contact our award-winning digital design agency today to discuss your branding options and get a free quote for your branding project.

How can I get an estimate for my project?

If you’ve reviewed our website design portfolio and have questions about our web design or search engine optimization experience and expertise we’d love to chat.

To inquire about a quote for your project feel free to call our Toronto web designers at (416) 901-8633 or complete our online quote form for a free consultation.

The most efficient and accurate way to get a formal proposal for your business is to send us your RFP with your project goals al0ng with the web design and development requirements so our website developers and web designers can review it and prepare a proposal. These documents are also easily attached to our contact form.

Let’s make something.

Without experience and creativity, you’re leaving digital marketing opportunities on the table. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your marketing strategy into measurable results.

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