A boutique design agency with more than a decade of professional experience creating beautiful hand-made website design, custom logo design and branding.

What Our Clients Say

  • Tom&Sawyer Case Study

    “Jay and his team at Parachute Design listened to our story and helped us to develop our logo and brand, which we love, as do so many people. Parachute Design was able to translate our ideas and messaging into a visually appealing brand design that has provided our fresh prepared pet meals with a strong introduction to the pet food market.”

    Kristin Matthews

    Co-founder, Tom&Sawyer

  • Boomerang Health Testimonial for Website Design

    “It was critical for our website to serve as a foundation for our growing brand and to communicate our message quickly and effectively on all of today’s devices. Parachute Design patiently guided us through the process from start to finish and delivered a beautiful responsive website design on time and on budget”

    Timothy Jones

    General Manager, Boomerang Health powered by SickKids

  • Village Juicery Testimonial for Website Design and Logo Design

    “Parachute Design has been our most important branding partner hands down. From logo design to website design they have connected with our brand vision with outstanding creativity and executed seamlessly across multiple applications. It has been an absolute pleasure to learn from their expertise and we look forward to continuing our long-term partnership together.”

    Tyler Colford & Omar Shaheen

    Co-Founders, Village Juicery

  • Stern Cohen Testimonial for Website Design and Logo Design

    “After vetting a list of several well-regarded Toronto web design companies, we chose Parachute Design. I was impressed with their design sense, as well as the helpful and positive attitude of their Principal & Art Director, Jay Eckert. Thanks to Parachute’s experience and patient guidance, what seemed like a gargantuan project was, in the end, very manageable. We now have a contemporary, SEO-optimized, responsive website that we are enormously proud of!”

    Julie James

    Marketing & Communications, Stern Cohen LLP

  • Hagen Testimonial for Website Design

    “Our website plays a critical role in branding and delivering effective communications to our customers. Over the last five years Parachute has always come through on time and on budget with creative solutions to all of our challenges. I want to thank Parachute for being so flexible when we as marketers decide we have an even better idea… and they still come through for us!”

    Warren House

    Nutrience Brand Manager, Rolf C. Hagen, Inc.

  • Foster & Associates Web Design Testimonial

    “We chose to work with Parachute Design for the development and branding of our firm’s new WordPress website after they were referred by another professional firm in Toronto. Parachute made what seemed to be daunting transition from our old website to our new website easy and seamless, while giving it the contemporary aesthetic we were hoping for. We would gladly recommend Parachute Design to anyone looking for professional website design services.”

    Evan Warsh

    Portfolio Manager, Foster & Associates

  • Summerwood Products Website Design Testimonial

    “Our experience with Parachute was beyond our expectations. Jay understood the goals of our project immediately and delivered outstanding creative on time. The best part was that there were very few revisions, the design team nailed it from the get-go. It also helped that Jay was totally in the know regarding web development best practices. We were confident in the choices that we were making from start to finish.”

    Peter Harvey

    President & CEO, Summerwood Products

  • Doxim Testimonial for Logo Design

    “I have worked with Parachute for over 10 years on numerous website and other design projects. Most recently Parachute Design helped us refresh our corporate logo and design a new look and feel for our trade show booth. As always, these projects were delivered with their usual creativity, responsiveness and professionalism.”

    Sean O’Donovan

    EVP Products & Customer Delivery, Doxim

  • Intelliresponse Testimonial for Website Design

    “Parachute has designed and developed our last two websites and consulted with us on our corporate rebranding and logo design. What sets Parachute Design apart is their flexible and collaborative approach and their ability to tailor solutions to customer needs. Our experience working with Parachute over the past 2 years has been A+, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking at corporate website design.”

    Tim Peters

    Head of Digital Strategy, Intelliresponse

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Tom & Sawyer Custom Logo Design
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Brand Design Client - Fresh Restaurants
Website Design Client - Rolf C Hagen
Website Design Client - Precision Nutrition
Logo Design and Website Design Client - Stern Cohen
Logo Design and Web Design Client - Carbon60
Logo Design, Web Design Client – Village Juicery
Web Design Client – Foster & Associates
Web Design Client - Nutrience
Logo and print marketing design client.
Responsive Website Design Toronto for Pet Meal Startup Tom&Sawyer

featured case study:


An opportunity to mix and mingle with four-legged foodies and nutritionists to create Toronto’s first fresh prepared pet meal and café brand.


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Good Design Is All About Adventure

At Parachute Design, we believe that good design is best discovered through adventure. We strive to share that adventure with you, helping guide you along the way much like your very own team of experienced design Sherpas.

Good design requires patience, practice, careful planning and pixel-perfect execution. It’s impossible to tell someone what good design is because, like all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are rules we must follow, but what makes good design unique and special is that it’s carefully crafted and tailored for you. For more than a decade our Toronto web design company has been sharpening our skills in web design, logo design and branding. Over that time we’ve refined our creative process to deliver the best results for our clients.

No design works unless it embodies ideas that are held common by the people for whom the object is intended.

Adrian Forty

14+ years of Web
Design Experience

Our Toronto web design company has been creating beautiful hand-made website design for over a decade! With this experience, we take our client’s ideas and work together to make them even better. The key to any successful web design project is to understand your business and brand identity. By doing just that, we identify and refine key messages with individual marketing needs before weaving these seamlessly into our creative work whether it be a website design, logo design or user interface design for a mobile app.

Our Design Expertise

  • Professional Graphic Design

    Beautiful hand-made graphic design for websites, mobile application interfaces, branding and print materials. Our years of experience and creative insight are weaved into every design project we take on.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Engaging responsive website design and development that responds to user behaviour and environment, offering the best experience for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

  • WordPress Website Design

    WordPress is our favourite Open Source content management system because it’s super fast, highly customizable and also very easy to use. After a quick tutorial, we're confident that you'll love WordPress too!

  • eCommerce Website Design

    Whether you prefer an open source platform or complete custom-built e-commerce website, we have the decade-plus of experience and know-how to recommend, design and develop the best-fit system for your eCommerce website and budget.

  • Logo Design & Branding

    Custom logo design and brand development that evolves from the foundation of your product or business. Our six-step creative design process ensures we can deliver successful custom logo design and branding on time and on budget.

  • Web Information Architecture

    Parachute Design will work with you to help you organize and prioritize your critical website navigation and content to help you create the most positive user experience for visitors to your website, mobile application and brand experience.

  • Web Search Engine Optimization

    With any new website we create, we make sure you hit the ground running with maximum exposure to search engines by taking care of all the on-site search engine optimization for you, right out of the gate.

  • Mobile Application UI Design

    We have the experience to create beautiful, hand-made intuitive interface design for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices in any industry imaginable, from simple location services applications to fully-scalable social solutions.

  • Print Design Collateral

    Reinforce your new website design or logo and brand design with custom designed brochures, reports and other materials to help support and elevate your brand message and corporate marketing efforts.


Our 6 step process

  • Design Discovery


    Our creative journey begins with us taking the time to get to know you, your brand and your product or service inside and out. We discuss your vision to ensure that we understand your audience and key goals before contemplating any creative or conceptual design work.

  • Design Strategy


    Once we have a deep understanding of your vision and goals for the project, we begin to carefully analyze your competition so that we may find out what makes your business unique in your industry so that we can create a plan of action that will serve as a guide throughout the creative process.

  • Design


    Definitely the most fun part of any design project for everyone involved! With our strategy in hand, our team begins to develop the conceptual designs. We present the concepts to you with the opportunity to offer further insight into how the artwork will communicate with your audience.

  • Design and Development


    Once everyone is on board and ready to move ahead with the conceptual design work, we begin to build or develop the project for a beta release and review before working out any final kinks and deploying the design project in its final polished form, whether it be a website, logo or mobile app design.

  • Website Launch


    We run the finished design project through its final paces by our ruthless user-testing for quality assurance, to iron out any wrinkles before releasing your project to the world. This may include a website deployment, preparing a marketing campaign for printing, or packaging up a mobile app design.

  • Design Growth


    Most people we've come across over the last decade believe a website design project is finished after step five, but not us! Once your website goes live, we monitor its performance via Google Analytics to understand how visitors are interacting with the interface so that we may adjust if necessary to ensure it's reaching its full potential.

Parachute Design creates beautiful hand-made websites, mobile interfaces and branding.
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