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Similar to website design for technology companies, SaaS website design requires a higher level of creativity and understanding from the web designer than many other industries. Much like a technology firm, SaaS providers tend to be much more comfortable pushing the creative envelope in terms of website design and development. SaaS companies are often more willing to experiment with new concepts and ideas, both in terms of functionality and user interface design that are at the leading edge of contemporary web design trends. Where a SaaS provider’s website commonly differs from a typical technology firm is that SaaS websites are designed to sell a service on the spot. Converting visitors into customers immediately is a top priority compared to a technology firm’s website that may focus primarily on offering information and generating enough curiosity to initiate an email or phone call to sell their product.

Since 2003 our Toronto web designers have been carefully crafting successful website designs for SaaS companies in Toronto and across North America. With this strong foundational experience, we’ve created a comprehensive list of best practices for SaaS website design.

SaaS Web Design Services

SaaS Website Design Should Push the Envelope

A general rule of thumb most web designers follow is to create an interface design that is creative, but also complies with the audience’s expectations. Quite often we find website designs that challenge the audience’s expectations to the degree that causes discomfort and confusion. This results in increased bounce rates and a general dip in sales or conversions. SaaS website design is somewhat of an outlier in terms of this design rule. Web-users that are searching the web for that latest and greatest SaaS for their business are often more in-tune with creativity and enjoy being entertained by something new and unexpected. Users will usually consider the complete website experience, rather than just the design when making a decision about the software as fit for their business.

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The nature of the audience allows SaaS providers to allow more of their personality and innate creativity shine through in their public-facing website than business owners in most other industries. The typical SaaS customer will make a judgement on the appearance of creativity, thought and overall effort put into the website design and experience in ways that customers in other industry would scoff at.

As with tech firms, the SaaS industry is fast-paced and always evolving. For that reason, SaaS companies rely on our website design and development expertise for multiple iterations of their website over time. With careful strategy and planning, a custom WordPress development will allow the website owner to modify and evolve the website overtime with minimal investment compared to a traditional website design overhaul.

Enhanced User Experience and Interaction Design

SaaS website design often includes a unique user experience through custom website development and interaction design. To improve a beautiful trendsetting user interface design, SaaS websites often offer a unique user experience through physical user interactions that create a more meaningful and memorable experience for the user. It’s all about the ‘wow’ factor!

Balanced Page Content

Similar to web design for technology companies, SaaS providers tend to offer more streamlined content than a traditional business website. While tech firms will provide the bare minimum in terms of web content to focus more on the visual elements and generate curiosity, SaaS providers will offer less content than a typical website. SaaS companies will, however, provide more content than the bare minimum to ensure that users have just enough information to make a decision to buy, rather than call with a question and enter the sales funnel.

Flexibility Opens the Door to Longevity

When planning a new website design for a SaaS provider, it is critical to plan ahead for the future. SaaS providers tend to stay ahead of the trends on a year to year basis and require a backend that is flexible enough to evolve over the lifespan of the website without having to invest too heavily for incremental front-end design changes. To help our SaaS clients extend the lifespan of their website investment we most often recommend custom WordPress design and development to maximise flexibility and the lifespan of the website.

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Parachute Design boasts years of experience with custom website design for SaaS providers. Our experienced Toronto web designers have worked with SaaS companies across Canada and the United States to hand-craft successful websites and digital brands.

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