Web Design for Cannabis Retailers

Since 2003 our web design agency has crafted pixel-perfect custom website designs for some of North America’s most exciting brands. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, we are on the leading edge of establishing best practices for cannabis website design.

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Web Design for Cannabis Retailers
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Custom Website Design for Cannabis Retailers.

Custom cannabis websites created in Canada that comply with the heavily regulated cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Website Design

Custom cannabis website design that supports your marketing strategy and stands head and shoulders above the competition to turn casual browsers into customers.

Cannabis Web Development

Our highly skilled cannabis web development team in Toronto has the most in-depth knowledge of online ordering platforms to get your dispensary up and running.

Cannabis WordPress Design

Our professional WordPress developers weave creative graphic design into high-performing WordPress websites that give the business owner total control.

Cannabis SEO

Our expert cannabis SEO knowledge will help put your best foot forward in the eyes of each search engine to help rank your dispensary website as high as possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn potential customers into return visitors and drive online sales with conversion rate optimization best practices that will power your cannabis website.


Grow your cannabis dispensary brand awareness with hand-crafted logo design and supporting graphic design to extend your brand marketing.

Web design experts since 2003.

In 2003 Jay Eckert founded a freelance web design consultancy and managed all design modalities and web development on his own. After growing the fledgling business, Jay began building an award-winning website design and development team. In 2009 the business was incorporated as Parachute Design and has since become one of Canada’s leading web design agencies.

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We’re an award-winning web design agency.

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“We researched several prominent design firms – Parachute was the natural choice to create the best SaaS website. A super talented bunch, fast and a pleasure to work with!”

Shauna Mercy,Marketing Director, integrate.AI

“The thoroughness with which Parachute approached the strategy behind the project stood out. I wanted to be challenged by a design team on certain decisions, and they did that.”

Cyrus Irani,Director of Digital Strategy, Go RVing Canada

“Parachute is a real pleasure to work with. We’ve thrown a few projects their way with limited time and budget, and they’ve been able to make magic happen. I’d recommend their work to anyone looking for a reliable web team with a creative eye.”

Danielle Sanford,Digital Media Manager, The JUNO Awards

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Cannabis Website Design Best Practices

The cannabis industry in Canada is growing. As more cannabis competitor websites crop up, you need to ensure that you use common best practices so that your cannabis website design ranks well and is visible to your target audience.

Websites should entice viewers to buy your products and offer a good user experience at the same time. To do this, you must focus on the usability and design of the site.

Follow these tips to make your website more visible with professional search engine optimization to increase sales while investing in the needs of your consumers.


Refreshing a leading cannabis brand and designing a serene, lifestyle-focused e-commerce experience and cannabis information hub.

  • Brand Refresh
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom eCommerce Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Best Practices For Cannabis Website Design

A cannabis business website needs unique functionality to create a good user experience. It should also portray the cannabis dispensary inventory and create a seamless online ordering experience.

Here are some of the key points to help you achieve these goals for your website design.

Focus On User-Friendly Web Design

Websites are for the benefit of users and the design needs to show this. Your website should be user-friendly to ensure visitors have a positive experience, which will keep customers interested in your brand and product. The website should flow well and take users on a journey as soon as they enter the site.

Here are some tips for user-friendly dispensary website design:

  • Ensure all products are categorized to show consumers what they are looking for.
  • Create an online version of your shop that is open 24/7 for people to browse at any time.
  • Pair each product with a clear image of the product.
  • Avoid using generic stock images as customers want to see what they will be buying.
  • Have an easy-to-navigate layout. This is important for visitors to have a good experience on your website.

In addition to good website design, you also need to ensure mobile friendliness. Mobile commerce is expected to grow from 3.5% in 2018 to 10.4% in 2025. This means many customers are likely to use their phones to interact with your cannabis brand and buy your products.

Ensuring that your website is designed optimally for mobile devices will likely lead to an increase in sales. Mobile-friendly websites are key to creating user-friendly platforms for customers to enjoy. Google will also favour your website if it is optimized for mobile over websites that aren’t.

Reflect Your Branding

Your cannabis dispensary website should portray your brand in its best light. Your website and branding should be a reflection of your values, mission, and who you are as a company. The design, graphics, and logo, all need to be appealing to form connections with your target audience and boost brand recognition.

This connection is key to fostering meaningful relationships with your customers by:

  • Finding repeat customers
  • Creating natural referrals from satisfied customers
  • Establishing a more robust online presence as customers share your brand messages online

This will lead to more organic visitors to your site through word-of-mouth marketing.

Creating an emotional connection through effective cannabis marketing techniques creates brand awareness. This brand awareness will cause customers to feel certain emotions when seeing elements of your branding. And you want these emotions to be positive, of course.

So, make sure that your cannabis marketing is free from cliches and clickbait adverts. Your brand messaging should be authentic and speak to your target market in a way they will appreciate.

When branding a cannabis website, you should use a skilled designer or agency, like Parachute Design, that understands the regulations of the cannabis industry. This includes displaying age restrictions and crafting appropriate marketing techniques that are in line with current regulations.

Utilize Cannabis SEO To Boost Online Visibility

Always make sure that your website stays up to date with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

An optimized website that includes the latest SEO practices for technical, on-page, and off-page SEO will bring in more visitors. This will happen organically as your website shows up in major search engines such as Google.

The latest SEO practices extend beyond using optimized keywords throughout your content. How your website is built also contributes to SEO. And this is best left to professionals.

Trusted web design teams will:

  • Ensure the proper use of SEO to rank on the first page of search engines
  • Help you gain organic website traffic when people search for cannabis dispensary websites in your area
  • Include location keywords to target consumers within range of your store
  • Target customers within delivery range if these services are offered

When building a cannabis dispensary website it is necessary to implement a strong SEO strategy. It is vital seeing as paid advertising is a violation of the cannabis industry regulations as minors may see these adverts.

So, proper cannabis SEO is your key to becoming number one on search engines and improving your web presence.

Create Valuable Content To Drive Traffic

While SEO strategies will land people on your web pages, you need to keep them there. A new website will often struggle with keeping viewers on the site due to a lack of content. Although, some websites focus on high volumes of content, but fall short when the content is not valuable.

During the building stages of your website, you should create content to post when your site is live. This content should be focused on CBD and cannabis along with other products or services you offer.

The content must be relevant to your business. If your content is not related to your company, Google will drop your ranking and customers won’t be interested.

As such, a steady flow of valuable content should be a key factor in your digital marketing efforts.

Quality content is what sets cannabis businesses apart from the rest. This content should:

  • Speak directly to your target audience
  • Help customers solve problems by giving them useful information
  • Include product reviews or information about products you sell
  • Include how-to and informational pieces that relate to the cannabis industry

Whenever you create content, you should be asking how it can benefit your customers and potential customers to ensure you provide value.

Growers Retail

Learn more about our custom WordPress design and development for an Ontario-based cannabis retail startup, Growers Retail.

  • Corporate Branding
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Custom Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
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5 Things To Include In Your Cannabis Web Design

There are a few elements that your cannabis dispensary website design must include if you want to be successful. These include:

1. Pages

Using a great content management system (CMS), like WordPress, allows you to include all the right pages.

At a minimum, your cannabis dispensary website should have the following pages:


Every website needs a well-designed home page. This will catch the attention of your viewers in seconds with unique images and encourage them to look further.

A great homepage shows viewers exactly where they need to go. This page should immediately give viewers the option to find exactly what they are looking for.

About Page

The about page should tell the story of the company to give customers a good idea of who you are. This can be done with the history of the company or a compelling story of the brand.


As a cannabis website, your site needs to show customers what products they can buy from your store. You can do this using pages or a menu. For example, you can include PDF menus that can be downloaded to be used later.

Your product page should include detailed instructions on how customers can get your products. This includes ordering and delivery details. The products should also be paired with good quality, authentic images that represent the product well. In addition, include a good description and any details that the customer should know about the product.

Location and Contact Information

If your store is located in more than one area, list each address. If you have various dispensaries that have recreational or medical cannabis, clearly state these. This information can be added to the About page or can be a separate page.

The page should also include methods that customers can use to contact you, including phone numbers, email addresses, or a contact form that customers can fill in.


If you are serious about SEO, a blog is a great tool to drive traffic to your website. Your blog should contain valuable content targeting relevant keywords. It should represent your brand and advertise your dispensary when possible.

2. Navigation

Good navigation offers viewers a user-friendly experience and is an integral part of effective web design.

The navigation of your site refers to how viewers find each page of your website.

Effective navigation allows visitors to reach each main page directly from your homepage. No visitor should need to search for a long time in order to find what they are looking for.

3. Online Dispensary Menu

An online menu is necessary for a dispensary website to showcase its products. This menu will give users what they are most likely looking for on your website. A downloadable menu is beneficial as some people may want to save it for future use.

Your online menu can take various forms and should be created based on your unique offerings. You can split your menu into various product sub-pages. This will allow you to separate recreational and medical cannabis products as well as consumables and other products.

Our web developers have extensive experience customizing cannabis e-commerce and POS platforms like Dutchie to deliver a truly ownable brand experience.

4. Age Or Medical Marijuana Card Verification

All cannabis websites need to display an age verification gate prior to allowing access. This requests that visitors confirm they are of legal age to buy cannabis products as they are strictly for adult use. The popup window should also mention whether customers need a medical marijuana card to buy your products.

5. Mailing List Sign-Up

An email address sign-up form is beneficial for your website as it offers customers the chance to continue receiving news from your brand. You can then send customers new products, deals, and your latest blogs to keep engaging with your audience.

Why Choose A Custom WordPress Website Vs Shopify For Your Cannabis Website?

Shopify is a popular website CMS platform for e-commerce businesses that offers an easy content management setup with scalable features that is less time-consuming to get started with than a custom website. This allows you to launch your website quickly and grow your business. However, Shopify hosts millions (or more) of websites on its hosting platform. This requires some degree of standardization and many limitations that the most successful businesses eventually outgrow.

WordPress, on the other hand, is much more customizable and flexible. Enlisting the help of expert web designers and developers allows you to craft a custom-built WordPress site that is perfectly tailored to your medical cannabis business.

Custom websites are unique. They stand out from the crowd and speak directly to customers’ needs. You can enjoy a tailored website that gives you all the functionality you need while providing an excellent user experience so that your customers keep coming back for more.

Cannabis Website Design Perfectly Tailored To Your Needs

Our web design agency can help you build a strong online presence with an eye-catching e-commerce-driven cannabis website.

Contact us today to get a quote for the best cannabis web design for your business. Our web design team understands the unique needs of cannabis websites. We can help you reach your target market with thoughtful website design curated for professional dispensary websites.

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