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A custom-built open-source content management system may be best for your website or online business. We have the knowledge to help you plan and execute a successful custom web solution.

Web development is a very diverse and fluid concept that will always be widely competitive around the globe. Whether you are seeking help creating web applications or a rights reserved marketing platform to elevate your online business it’s important to do your due diligence and research multiple web developers. At Parachute Design, we have thrived in the Open Source website development niche since 2003. Throughout this time our web developers have studied open source software in-depth and learned how to creatively manipulate source code to help our clients make better use of their website as a springboard to launch their business.

Custom Open Source Web Development Services

Our web development team focuses primarily on open source and custom web design projects for a number of reasons. First and foremost, people do not like “fees”. Most proprietary or closed source web solutions hook business owners easily because the startup cost and effort are often relatively low and by breaking down the total cost of their services over time with smaller monthly payments it feels like less of a commitment for web owners. What happens is that over time, these fees add up and as their business grows they reach a point where the closed source web application can no longer be easily customized to meet their evolving marketing needs.

Conversely, an open source content management system typically carries with it a requirement for a larger initial investment but does not require monthly fees to continue using the platform. Additionally, as the business grows, new features, functionality or even a completely new website user interface design and quickly be added to the website without re-inventing the foundation it was built on.

When it comes to open source development, our Toronto web design company relies on WordPress to power most of the websites we create, and for good reason. WordPress powers about one-third of all websites around the world because it’s free to use, highly customizable and offers the largest library of plugins or extensions website owners could ever ask for.

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WordPress Web Development

One of the most common misconceptions we encounter when discussing projects with new leads is that WordPress websites all look the same. There is a simple answer for that – it’s not true, but what happens is that many people download and install the open source champion and use the default website theme or purchase a run of the mill template to start their online presence. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it’s much like buying an expensive sports card and never taking it out of first gear.

Many businesses hire our web development company to provide a fully custom website design that is then laid over the WordPress code. The WordPress CMS powers the content management features while the custom designed interface offers a truly unique user experience and brand extension for the business owner.

WordPress Plugins

Through the use of plugins and professional open source web development we can further extend the functionality and in many cases the longevity of a website to help put the business owners investment to good use and support their sales over time. With a open source system, there is no ownership of the core website code as it is public domain – free to use for everyone. A web development agency will often include a transfer of intellectual property rights for the custom code created for the website that is transferred to the website owner following competition of the project.

Custom PHP / Open Source Development

Sometimes WordPress just isn’t a perfect fit for a web project. In these instances, our development team uses PHP code, which is the backbone of all open source systems to create highly complex development projects for digital platforms that would simply require too many plugins for WordPress in order to achieve the same results. By approaching the development of this nature with a more simplistic and truly hand-crafted approach we can deliver highly functionally web platforms build on universally understandable code that our clients can rely on to drive their business for years to come.

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To learn more about our Open Source web development services in Toronto, Canada please contact our creative web designers at Parachute Design. We would love to hear about your latest venture or even just share our love of code and find an open source solution that can satisfy your online marketing needs.

If you have a project plan or RFP ready for review and would like a free, no-obligation quote for your web development project please complete our online quote request form or call our professional website developers in Toronto at 416 901 8633.

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