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Competition between law firms and legal professionals is fierce. Let our experience with custom law firm website design position you ahead of the curve and turn your visitors into clients.

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Web Design for Law Firms
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Law Firm Web Design across Canada.

For successful law firm website design, we focus on creating positive user experiences to deliver marketing success.

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Law Firm Web Design

Law firm website design requires professional design services to establish its brand, confidence and trust in clients. Our law firm website designers in Toronto have two decades of experience doing just that.

Custom Web Development

Since 2003 our expert website developers in Toronto have found new and creative strategies to hand-craft highly successful websites for lawyers and legal firms.

WordPress Development

Our Toronto WordPress developers have two decades of experience with the world’s most popular CMS. We have the skillset and experience to customize and hand-tailor WordPress to suite the needs of your firm.

eCommerce for Law Firms

Many law firms and lawyer websites have transitioned to online payments to collect and streamline professional fees and other financial transactions – we can help your firm take that next step.

Law Firm Logo Design

Over the last two decades, we have worked with many law firms to refresh their corporate branding and provide professional logo design services to anchor their marketing efforts.

Graphic Design

Professional graphic design for all your firm’s digital marketing needs. Our team has the skills to tie your law website design, logo design and branding assets together under a uniform brand.

Web design for Law Firms since 2003.

In 2003 Jay Eckert founded a web design business in Toronto. At first, Jay wore multiple hats ranging from website designer to web developer, project manager and even the accountant! In 2008 Jay expanded his team and rebranded as Parachute Design Group Inc. Over the last two decades, our Toronto web designers have worked with large and small legal firms to deliver successful digital marketing and design for law firms.

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We’re an award winning law firm web design agency.

Many web designers win awards, we’ve won the same awards 6 years in a row.


“I’ve been in business for about 20 years and I usually deal with about 30 different vendors a year. I can honestly say Parachute is the most professional, fantastic, client-centric vendor I’ve ever worked with. They are extremely calm, cool, and collected with an amazing ability to patiently explain things throughout the project. Working on a high stakes project like this with a lot of time, money, and voices involved, it was great to have Parachute to defer to for guidance.”

James Walker,National Portfolio Director, McMillan LLP

Parachute was a true pleasure to work with… They offered amazing project management and always offering creative ways to solve challenges with a very confident demeanor that was important in explaining technical reasoning to the attorneys. The team was also was very collaborative and worked so well with our ad agency and our own web designer. The responsiveness was truly second to none. They were always extremely accommodating and always offered solutions to our questions and challenges along the way.

Rebecca Farbo,Chief Marketing Officer, Phillips Lytle LLP

“Outside of Parachute’s excellent design acumen, we were very impressed with the flexibility and ability to adapt to our changing needs throughout a very tight project schedule. Whether it be timing or scoping changes, the team dealt with them in a calm and collected manner putting our mind at ease.”

Amrita Kochhar,Director of Marketing & Tech, Bennett Jones SLP

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jay and the Parachute Design for more than 10 years. In my experience, I’ve never worked with a web design team that is as knowledgeable or as responsive as Parachute. I would highly recommend Parachute Design to any law firm in need of corporate rebranding or high-end website design.”

Thomas Lacerte,Partner, Fosters Law LLP

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Professional Website Design for Law Firms and Lawyers

Any law firm large or small is competing for a piece of the pie, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The online competition is fierce with each law firm wanting not only to be found on the first page of search results but to stand out and be unique as well. One of the most utilized avenues potential clients use to source the best law firm is through local organic web searches, so having the best law firm website design is essential to your business’ online marketing.

As a Toronto web design agency, our team has been considered the best law firm website designers in Canada since 2003. We have also established an ironclad list of the best law firm web design and branding practices to rely on for the best law firm websites that make a difference for our clients. Ensuring that your law firm is visible in organic web searches is only half the battle. Keeping a visitor on your website, and engaging them with professional website interface design and concise, compelling content is equally important.

We are highly skilled in both interface design and search engine optimization for law firms – experience gained working with lawyers and law firms throughout Canada and North America for nearly two decades.

The process of designing a website for a law firm, or other professional services like accounting firms can seem quite daunting at times for anyone that does not tackle these challenges on a day-to-day basis. Our Toronto web designers guide each law firm and its lawyers through the law firm website design and digital marketing processes, from discovery through implementation.

At the end of the project we don’t just hand over the keys; our goal is to ensure that you’ve also learned how to manage both your new law firm website and corporate brand more effectively going forward, to deliver improved marketing results ultimately.


McMillan LLP

Breathing new life into one of Canada’s top law firm’s digital branding and providing innovative, future-forward website design and management tools to transform their marketing strategy.

  • Digital Branding
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Best Practices for Law Firm Website Design

Let’s look at the best practices our Toronto web designers utilize when creating the best law firm website design for our clients.

Law Firm Websites Must Be Responsive

A fully responsive website design is a must-have for the best law firm website. In our experience and research over the years, we’ve found that a substantial portion of web traffic to law firm websites arrives via mobile search. Given the broad accessibility required, a law firm website design that is both fully responsive and optimized for mobile users is crucial to the success of the website as one of the most critical digital marketing tools for law firms.

Identify The Practice Areas of the Law Firm

According to our analysis, when website visitors land on your law firm website, there are two key pieces of information they are looking for; areas of practice and lawyer profile pages. The best law firm website design companies will promote your list of legal services quickly and efficiently while providing a swift and positive user experience on the website. These services should be promoted both on your home page and on profile pages with direct links to more in-depth content about the practice areas. themselves.

A custom website UI design and a clear call-to-action ensure that website visitors are driven through the sales funnel quickly.

Lawyer Profile Pages

The second most sought-after piece of information on your law firm’s website should be your lawyer or partner profiles. A key feature in our professional law firm website design is often featuring custom photography of each lawyer within the firm on a landing page that links through to each lawyer’s professional profile page. The profile pages offer a personal connection to the viewer in addition to building credibility, communicating your areas of expertise, and providing an opportunity to connect via email, phone, or social media.

Clear Calls-to-Action and Methods of Contact

After all the time, effort, and expense your law firm will invest in optimizing your website for search, it’s essential that the law firm website design communicates effectively and funnels website users to the appropriate area of the website that holds the information users seek. The best law firm websites offer a clear call-to-action, which is an avenue to contact information directly via email address, web form, or phone.

The website may also feature prominent CTAs that drive potential clients to areas of the website such as the contact page featuring the law firm phone number and contact form or feature information and resources that your law firm wishes to promote (to increase conversions), or to other marketing opportunities.

Design SEO-optimised Landing Pages

Law firm websites generally offer a range of different legal services or areas of practice and to maximize search engine optimization, each service should have an SEO-optimized landing page for organic search. Each legal service or practice area is unique in some way providing a golden opportunity to cast a wide net for organic web searches and relevant keywords.

By offering SEO-optimized law firm landing pages for each area of practice, the law firm website design can also help users focus on what they’ve come to your law firm website in search of, without confusion or the distraction of other services that may not necessarily be relevant to them at the time.

Website Compliance and Accessibility

As a professional law firm, the website must adhere to the highest level of compliance and provide accessible information to all users whether they use screen readers or a laptop, no one should be left out. In addition to fine-tuning our website design and web development process to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians Act (AODA), we also partner with a world-class website accessibility AI provider. With a few clicks of a button, this accessibility tool is installed and extends the compliance rating across the full spectrum of WCAG 2.0 compliance.

Phillips Lytle LLP

A digital brand refresh and custom WordPress design for a storied 185+ year-old law firm with offices and clients across the continental US and Canada.

  • Digital Branding
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Limit the Use of Stock Photos in Law Firm Website Design

Website visitors connect with images of people more efficiently than objects. Sourcing professional photography for the best law firm websites can be costly depending on the size of the firm and also the type of practices involved. For example, a law firm practicing family law may often require fewer images than one practicing personal injury law or business law.

However, the investment goes a long way in crafting a personal or professional tone within law firm website designs and helping to strengthen or develop the law firm’s web presence. Stock photography can work if used wisely, however many of the best law firm websites feature widely used stock photography that in most cases is detrimental to user experience and brand perception as it easily “stereotypes” the law firm.

We often see images used in a law firm’s web presence that appear on many other law firm website designs and feature common stereotypes such as a series of leather-bound legal books, a gavel, or even worse, the dreaded scales of justice.

If custom photography is not an option, we use stock photography in moderation and try to theme the imagery in a way that breaks away from the typical stereotypes or literal interpretations of a word, practice, or service. This design strategy allows us to create a consistent emotion throughout our best law firm digital marketing.

We often focus more on the result of excellent legal service, rather than the service itself. This philosophy means showcasing imagery that may suggest an improved lifestyle or personal fulfilment following successful litigation.

Fosters Law LLP

A detailed look at the fruits of our long-standing relationship with a revered law firm based in London and Toronto, Ontario.

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
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Use the Website to Recruit

Law firms often have a high personnel turnover rate, and your website can be a valuable tool in recruiting new lawyers and support staff. Within your law firm website design we recommend a job board where your firm or web administrator can easily add new job postings and share these optimized pages on professional job boards and social media.

Use Testimonials as a Design Feature

Testimonials can go a long way in creating a positive image for your law firm if used effectively within the website design. Through our years of website design experience, we’ve found that using testimonials as a design element to support a specific practice area (as opposed to creating a dedicated page of testimonials) is much more effective in conveying the message and sentiment to visitors.

Our ability to limit the number of testimonials – because visitors are not going to read more than a handful – and the opportunity we have to dress up the testimonial graphically making it more appealing to scan or read quickly.

Create a Law Firm Blog

One of the best ways to attract and engage with an audience is to create a law firm blog. Lawyers are very busy and rarely have time to write articles. However, with as much as a single blog post per month, your law firm website can showcase value to potential clients, play a more active role by promoting events in the community, and help boost the attractiveness of your website to the search engines as well.

About Parachute Design

At Parachute Design, our Toronto website designers follow these best law firm website design practices without fail to create a professional law firm web presence. We have helped numerous lawyers and law firms across Canada and North America to reach better and inform potential clients. Whether you are a small law firm or a sizeable, growing practice, we would love the opportunity to work with you and craft a custom law firm website design specifically for your needs!

For more information on our website design for law firms or to have us prepare a proposal for your legal business, please complete our online quote request form, or call our law firm website design experts in Toronto at 416-901-8633.

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