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Creating website design and custom branding for startups is one of the most exciting projects a designer can take on. Our design approach ensures our clients’ new business has all the necessary tools to compete.

Working with startup companies is perhaps the type of website design project we have the most fun with. Not because it’s any more special than any other, but because we’re involved in everything from the ground up. We are often there from the point the startup company is named and something truly new and unique is born.

As a Toronto web design company, Parachute Design has loads of experience at this level, offering web design for startups both local and virtual, to create a successful branding and custom logo design as well as winning web design solutions.

There are two constant challenges in doing web design for startups:

  1. Budget
  2. Personal Ownership

By nature, startups have not been in business for very long (or in business at all) by the time our Toronto website designers are invited into the fold. Additionally, the owners of new startup companies are usually amped up, excited and passionate about their new company.

Best Practices for Web Design for Startups

Startup Web Design for Growth

Budget limitations are common for startups and understandably so. Part of our vision in working with startup companies has always been to offer creative web design solutions to maintain a limited budget and foster a long-term relationship, allowing our companies to grow together.

When it comes to web design for startups, a key factor to remember is to ensure the website and content management system (CMS) are flexible enough to grow quickly.

Working with limited time and funds means that some web design features may have to be left on the shelf until the startup goes to market, tests the waters, and builds some capital. When this time comes and the business owner has some experience, real-world user data, and an ample budget to help evolve the website into its next iteration, they’ll not be too happy if you need to start over and rebuild the website from scratch.

Good startup web designers have the experience and foresight to look a little way down the road and design a website that can be easily expanded when the time for growth comes along. This will help create a more seamless transition from the initial web design the startup first needed to go to market with, into a more robust and confident web presence for the long term.

Web Design for Food & Beverage Company - Tom & Sawyer

Understand the Owner’s Passion for Design

Just about every startup owner is so passionate about their new idea and inexperienced enough to overlook a professional web designer’s advice. Startup company owners have a vision in mind and often have blinders on limiting their view of the big picture. They want complete control and ownership over the design of each and every piece of their new brand.

This is totally natural and a good startup web designer will be understanding and know when to gently push and when to pull back. More often than not, when it comes time to grow the initial startup web design, the owner has more insight into what is working on the website and what can be improved to offer an even better user experience to their customers.

Research and Design Strategy

As part of our approach to creating a new brand and web design for startups, we spend a lot of time upfront looking at competitor’s marketing materials. We can establish what has worked well for these market players and where they could use some improvement in their marketing materials.

With this initial research, we can put together a more effective startup web design strategy resulting in our clients’ brand, logo, and website design entering the ring fully prepared to compete with the industry leaders.

One of our most favourite success stories is the logo design and custom website design for Toronto startup, Village Juicery. Read our case study for an in-depth look at how this story has evolved from the conception of the startup business’ name to the second and more mature iteration of their website.

Parachute Design is a Toronto web design agency for startups offering brand design, logo design and responsive web design and development. Visit our Tom&Sawyer case study to see how we put these web design and branding theories to work.

If you are interested in learning more about how Parachute Design can help your startup company put its best foot forward online, or to have us prepare a proposal for your new business website design, complete our online quote request form, or call our branding and website design experts in Toronto at 416-901-8633.



An opportunity to mix and mingle with four-legged foodies and nutritionists to create Toronto’s first fresh prepared pet meal and café brand.

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