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B2C Web Design

Since 2003, our agency has excelled in head-turning, fully custom B2C web design services based in Toronto, Canada.

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B2C Web Design Services in Toronto, Canada

B2C Website Design in Toronto, Canada.

We’re more than your average web designers. We have decades of experience in design and SEO that we weave into every website we create.

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B2C Website Design

Our website design agency’s B2C web design examples range from food and beverage startups to enterprise-level corporations across Canada and the United States.

B2C Web Development

Our team of expert web B2C web developers works closely with our web designers to bring our custom B2C websites to life using the latest web technologies.

eCommerce Websites

Harnessing the power of eCommerce for your B2C website is paramount. Our agency has nearly two decades of experience creating custom online stores.

Custom WordPress Design

The best B2C website designs are flexible, optimized for search and easy to manage. We specialize in custom WordPress B2C website design to drive your business.

SEO for B2C Websites

Stunning B2C web design is only half the battle. Crafting a search engine-optimized site for your business is crucial to attracting customers to your online store.

CRO for B2C Websites

We design custom B2C websites that convert casual browsers into paying customers and continually improve conversion rate optimization over time.

Custom B2C web design since 2003.

Our web design company is trusted by some of North America’s most exciting and successful B2C brands from Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd. to Precision Nutrition. We continue to set the bar defining the best B2C website design across Canada and the US by crafting beautiful, engaging B2C websites that drive sales.

Our B2C clients rely on our time-tested experience to conceptualize and execute their digital marketing to drive sales.

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An award winning B2C web design agency.

Over the last two decades, we’ve won our share of awards.

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We were able to lean heavily on Parachute and their vast knowledge and they were always more than happy to provide helpful feedback, even when we had the smallest of questions! Working collaboratively with them really took a lot of pressure off our small, internal team, and allowed us to breathe easy, knowing they were at the helm.

Nicola Krishna,Coke Canada Bottling

The Parachute team is incredibly professional and extremely talented, and seamlessly became an extension of our marketing team. I’ve been blown away by their balance of accommodation and informative approach as they worked with us to evolve our business. The new website is beautiful and purposeful, and I would highly recommend Parachute!

Anna Mason,Director of Marketing

We were very happy with the final result of our new website design, Parachute overcame every challenge that presented itself throughout the project and helped us ideate and execute a strategy for success. I would highly recommend Parachute!

Steven Orechow,Digital Strategist, Sundial Growers Inc.

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What Makes the Best B2C Website Design

One of the most vital industries our Toronto web designers focus on is custom website design for B2C companies. Since 2003 our Toronto web design company has worked with business-to-consumer companies of all shapes and sizes across many different industries. With our years of experience hand-crafting beautiful B2C web design across Canada comes the knowledge and know-how to take help your e-commerce business meet and often exceed marketing goals.

Our Toronto web design agency specializes in e-Commerce website design for B2C companies. We utilize our knowledge and understanding while relying on the following B2C website design best practices.

Coke Canada

Helping one of the most beloved beverage brands navigate a digital identity overhaul with a powerful new custom WordPress website.

  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Multi-language WebDevelopment
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Best Practices for B2C Web Design

Understand The User’s Buying Habits

There is a distinct difference in our approach to web design for B2C (business-to-consumer) projects compared to our B2B web design (business-to-business) strategy. A key difference is understanding the difference in user behaviour between the two industries.

B2B purchasers are more likely to request additional information and arrange a meeting or phone call before purchasing on behalf of their business.
B2C customers are typically more inclined to make an impulse buy based on a well-designed website or call-to-action (CTA). This impulse buy – more precisely referred to as conversions – happen without ever making contact with the website owner or a salesperson.

User behaviour and buying habits are just two of the many factors we consider in our web design approach for B2C projects.


Refreshing a leading cannabis brand and designing a serene, lifestyle-focused e-commerce experience and cannabis information hub.

  • Brand Refresh
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Custom eCommerce Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Web Form Design is Critical to B2C Website Success

General consumers are much more likely to make a B2C purchase through a business’s website, even high-value purchases, without ever speaking to a salesperson. Typically, consumers absorb high-level information from a website through page content and user reviews before making a relatively quick decision about their purchase. In web analytics terms, this is called a conversion – when a user converts from a browser to a customer.

We usually do not have the opportunity to speak with most online consumers directly, so it is imperative that web designers ensure that the B2C website user interface design is clear and inspiring. This design approach includes the call-to-action that drives customers to the appropriate place on the website to convert or offer guidance through the conversion process.

Also, unlike B2B website users, B2C users show less hesitation when asked to hand over their personal information during the checkout process. With this in mind, our best Toronto web designers aim to create friendly and easy-to-use web forms that the B2C business depends on to gather information about their customers.

When designing web forms for B2C websites, we can often prompt customers to share a little extra personal information if we create a confidence-inspiring B2C website design that provides a compelling, smooth user experience.

All Points North

An elegant new website design powered by custom WordPress development for one of the world’s most exclusive mental health centers located in the heart of Colorado’s rocket mountains.

  • Digital Branding
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Web Form Design Best Practices

Webform design requires careful thought and a thorough understanding of the target audience. To maximize conversions within a B2C website design, there are a series of best practices and recommendations we share with our clients:

  • Web forms should be as direct and straightforward as possible within B2C website design. B2C users tend to have a shorter attention span than B2B users; you can hold their interest longer with subtle effects if you don’t interrupt the form completion process.
  • Whenever possible, combine form fields to make the form faster and easier for customers to complete. Another nifty web form features our Toronto web designers recommend for B2C websites is auto-populating form fields with information from an earlier stage in the conversion process, or even based on geolocation if possible.
  • Break longer forms up into multiple stages or even pages to give users a break and renew their focus.
  • Use the most common web form labels and conventions to ensure the web form is predictable for the audience and allows the web browser to fill out the form fields from saved data automatically.
  • Rather than forcing users to manually enter their personal information, wherever possible, design form fields as lists so that the customer can quickly select the information from a list instead of having to key it in.
  • Create a clean B2C web form design that not only allows users to quickly scan but also indicates which fields are required to submit the form.
  • Always ensure that your B2C web form design adheres to the latest web browser standards to avoid any functionality issues that may result in user frustration and loss of conversion.

For additional insight into the type of customer B2C business owners are attracting and how to improve their marketing strategy, more business owners are investing in third-party client relationship management tools such as HubSpot or Salesforce to generate and manage their web forms. CRM services are relatively straightforward for a B2C web designer to integrate into a branded website design, ensuring the user experiences a seamless interface and navigational flow. These services also offer automated follow-ups for hiccups in the user experience, such as shopping cart abandonment.

If your web designer is not on board with implementing outside APIs to help improve your B2C website marketing and seamlessly apply your custom web design, you’re falling behind the pack!


Common B2C Website Design Questions

Quick answers to some of the most common questions our B2C clients ask during the onboarding process.

Why work with Parachute?

Why Parachute? Great guestion!

Since 2003 we’ve built successful relationships with clients and businesses in the most competitive web design market in Canada. We’ve stood as one of the best Toronto web design companies backed by our successful digital strategies and client testimonials that highly recommend our Toronto-based web design services

Top reasons to work with Parachute

  • We deliver creative, functional web design Toronto services that convert web traffic into business success through conversion optimization and the marriage of professional UI design and search engine optimization strategies
  • We take communication and responsiveness seriously and respond to requests quickly, setting clear expectations through our web design process
  • We have an experienced and passionate team that strives for pixel-perfect detail in our SEO web design solutions
  • We are flexible and understand needs sometimes change mid-project to focus on the most important aspects of growing your business
  • Our Clutch rank number showcases us as a top web design and development agency in Toronto, Canada
  • We have a proven track record working with some of Canada’s most prominent brands across many different industries to revitalize their web design and promote their business services
  • We have years of experience working with new businesses to build everything from lead generation websites to custom e-commerce solutions
  • We can offer managed web hosting or help you find the perfect web hosting partner to take your site to the next level
  • You will always work with the same project manager from start to finish throughout the website development project
  • The most common feedback we receive from our clients is praise for our customer support
  • We have a network of marketing partner agencies that specialize in supporting services like video production, social media marketing and marketing automation.

Take a tour of our Toronto web design portfolio to review our previous work.

How long have we been in business?

Our B2C web design firm has been in business since 2003. Over the past two decades, we’ve evolved from a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio to a full-scale web design and development studio helping businesses in Toronto, across Canada and North America build lasting brands and custom website designs that convert visitors into customers.

With our primary focus on custom web design and branding business services, we still dabble in other design modalities like packaging design, advertising, print design for tradeshows and reports, and digital design for presentations and app interfaces, but these items are often a smaller add-on feature to a larger brand or web project or e-commerce solution.

Learn more about our B2C web design team and how we’ve become the most trusted web designers in Toronto, Canada.

How big is our company?

Recognized by top web design digital agency directories like Clutch, Parachute is an award-winning B2C web design agency. We have six web designers and eight web developers, giving our great team balance for tackling graphic design projects for clients of all sizes to deliver outstanding results.

Our team went virtual in 2009 and has enjoyed the benefits of a greater work-life balance along with our success.

To learn more about how our web designers can help your business grow on the back of our digital marketing experience and search engine optimization knowledge, contact us.

Are you an accredited design agency?

Yes, we are an award-winning web design company fully accredited by RGD Ontario (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario) and the GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada). We enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We’ve won awards and commendations for web development from platforms like Clutch which focus on B2C web agencies and related B2C web design services for validation purposes.

What B2C industries do you specialize in?

Our goal is to continue working with all B2C industries to ensure our team is fully engaged and challenged with each and every project and avoid getting stuck producing the same old website design over and over. By working in all areas of the B2C industry, from Food and Beverage to Health and Fitness and beyond, we ensure we’re bringing new ideas and pushing the envelope with every project.

Who have you worked with in the past?

As you can imagine, over the course of two decades, we’ve had many incredible opportunities to work with some of Canada’s most exciting B2C brands – even some south of the border in the US too! We invite you to tour our B2C web design samples in our portfolio at your leisure and learn more about how we’ve helped each client refine, clarify and achieve their digital marketing goals.

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