Web Design Process

Over the last 20 years we have refined our design process through experience and invaluable opportunities to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across nearly every industry imaginable.

Web Design Process Step 1: Discovery


Each and every creative journey starts with our team getting to know your business, your brand and most importantly, you. This understanding serves as one of the foundational elements of all our strategy and design work to follow. Learning about your unique vision allows us to identify marketing goals and appeal to your audience before approaching any creative or conceptual design work.

We work through a tailored questionnaire with you specifically designed to help us understand your brand through your own eyes. This exercise helps us weave your corporate culture and personality into our creative design work to bring your vision to life.

Web Design Process Step 2: Strategy


We look at your top few competitors to gauge their marketing efforts and understand industry-specific design queues or trends to communicate with your audience more effectively. This research helps us plan and execute any on-site search engine optimization to ensure you’re ready to compete out of the gate.


Our strategy process includes developing a sitemap to visually illustrate where each and every page within your website will live and link to each other


The last step before the creative phase is wireframing. This exercise helps us establish the website information architecture without any distractions.

Once our design strategy is complete and you’re on board with the game plan, it’s time to jump into the fun part – the creative!

Web Design Process Step 3: Creative Design

Creative Design

This phase is where we begin to see our design strategy come to life as high-fidelity design concepts.

Web Design

At this stage in the project, we review the initial conceptual design work with project stakeholders before expanding the new design system across the full suite of wireframes we developed together during our Strategy phase.

We use a powerful prototyping tool to bring these layouts to life in both the desktop and mobile environment to provide a real-world contextual experience for your team to make the most educated decisions within.

Logo Design & Branding

When approaching a logo design or branding exercise, we first review a series of initial design concepts. Once you have chosen an idea, we point ourselves in that direction and continue to refine the design work until final sign off.

Web Design Process Step 4: Build and Test

Build & Test

Once everyone is on board and the conceptual artwork is approved, we begin to build and test the project.

Website Design

The development phase allows everyone to experience a fully functional design and address concerns before we fine-tune the website and user experience in preparation for deployment. We host the website on our private development server allowing you time to experience the working prototype before rolling out the new website design to your audience. This opportunity allows us to put the website through final testing and address any bugs.

Logo Design & Branding

This phase allows us to prepare the final logo design for everyday use in your marketing and continue the brand expansion throughout any peripherals, such as social profile design or creating brand guideline documents.

Web Design Process Step 5: Launch


We migrate the new website to the production server and run it through its paces during our multi-platform user testing. Our quality assurance efforts aim to iron out any wrinkles before releasing your new website design to the world.

Website Design

In some cases, websites may behave differently from one server to another depending on variables such as server configuration or pre-installed software. During our launch process, we run through a pre-launch checklist to ensure everything is configured correctly and running smoothly.

Logo Design & Branding

There are specific guidelines and document standards that print shops, and other media providers will expect when receiving your artwork. During our pre-flight inspection, we prepare the logo design and brand materials to meet these standards to ensure you have everything you need to reproduce your brand with consistency and confidence.

Web Design Process Step 6: Manage and Grow

Manage & Grow

Many people believe a design project is finished after step five, but not us! We offer a personalized CMS demo and training session to make sure your team understands the new website inside and out. We will also guide you through best practices for continued search engine optimization and asset management within the website.

After your site is deployed, we monitor performance through the first 60-days with powerful web tools to continuous test and audit the site. The data we collect help us understand how visitors are engaging with the new web design and how the site is performing in organic search so that we can ensure it’s reaching its full potential.

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