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Project Overview

Following the successful launch of the All Points North website that caters to a very exclusive audience, APN created a sub-brand called Plus by APN to offer their leading mental healthcare services to the masses across North America. Our design team worked closely with the APN marketing team to roll out the new brand and launch the Plus by APN website.

Custom website design for North America’s most modern mental healthcare provider.

Crafting a custom website design for a sister brand is a unique challenge. Often, the brand shift is a product of creating appeal within a different audience. There are subtle nuances within the transition from one design system to another that can make or break the experience.

Our agency has worked closely with APN for several years and developed a thorough understanding of their exclusive clientele. Designing a new website for the Plus by APN subbrand presented a unique challenge in that the audience is not celebrities, CEOs and professional athletes but the everyday North American. Creating an engaging design for such a shift in audience required our team to lean into our years of creating custom website design for a variety of healthcare institutions and clinical providers as the analytical data we would normally rely on to thoroughly understand the audience was not available out of the gate.

Mental Healthcare Website Design for Plus by APN

Website Design Goals

Mental Healthcare Clinic Website Design for Plus by APN

The Web Design Process

Creating new websites as a partner to an existing brand, and a successful one at that, require careful planning and loads of experience to bring the creative and technical aspects together for a successful launch. The new Plus by APN website presented a unique challenge that our web design team tackled head-on by applying our time-tested 6-step web design process.

By carefully combing the data-driven website and visual analytics such as heat maps and conducting initial interviews with key project stakeholders, we developed a navigational plan for the new website. The site map design offered a visual method to collaborate with the marketing team and form an end-to-end plan to guide website visitors from entry through conversion points.

A wireframing exercise to carefully explore and execute the new information architecture followed offering a look at each unique type of page within the new website. The UX design process allowed our designers to prototype and present contextual layouts for the marketing team to review and fully understand the foundation of the new website. By prototyping the user experience and conversion points throughout several possible user journeys with the Plus by APN, we could test ideas and strategies thoroughly before we collectively moved into the creative phase to ensure that all stakeholders had input on the direction of the new website.

With approval stakeholders, our creative web design team dreamt up the new user-interface design concept and began developing the new design system. Working closely with the APN team to fine-tune the UI design, all the unique page layout and design elements were polished to perfection.

A responsive experience for users everywhere.

Mobile web design strategy.

Mobile-friendly Web Design

With a new design system established, our web designers set their sights on creating a fully responsive environment and providing working prototypes for mobile and touchscreen devices. This methodology allowed the APN marketing team to interact in real-time with each unique interface planned within the website, across all environments, allowing them to make the most educated decisions before a single line of code was written.

Responsive Web Design for Medical Clinics – Plus by APN
Mobile Web Design for Healthcare Clinics – Plus by APN Mobile Web Design for Medical Clinics – Plus by APN

With the final artwork approved, our web developers took the lead and focused on turning the high-fidelity UI designs into SEO-optimized, pixel-perfect code. Before integrating the front-end HTML and CSS with the custom WordPress CMS, our development team puts the initial page templates through preliminary quality assurance testing to ensure they respond as expected across all modern browsers and mobile devices.

When ready, our WordPress development team began integrating the HTML and CSS with a the custom-built WordPress CMS. Using the world’s most flexible and popular CMS to manage the website, our development philosophy has always been to provide as much forethought and craftsmanship to the website’s backend as possible. This approach ensures our clients have a tailored experience unique to their needs and intentions for the website. This approach to CMS development ensures that all our clients have complete control and confidence in managing their website after we hand over the keys so that they can maximize their marketing strategy and enjoy a long-term ROI.

Anna Mason

We did EXTENSIVE research and interviewed multiple firms before ultimately choosing Parachute. I am so glad we did as the team is incredibly professional, extremely talented, and became an extension of our marketing team. They presented a beautiful concept and worked extensively (and very patiently) with our team as we tweaked details to bring our exact vision to life. I’ve been blown away by their balance of accommodation and informative approach as they worked with us to evolve our business. The new website is beautiful and purposeful and I would highly recommend Parachute for web design for small, mid-size, and large businesses.

Plus by APN
Anna Mason,

Director of Marketing

Following the WordPress development and initial content entry phases, the website passes through another round of quality assurance testing to make sure all content is in the right place, and communicating effectively. Our team also tests all functions and integrations to ensure everything is ready for hand-off. In preparation for launch, we took the APN marketing team through a live CMS demo to cover all tools and functions within the new CMS, providing insight and recommendations on content management tools and search engine optimization best practices.

Once we hand over the keys to the marketing team for a some pre-launch fine-tuning, launch day is scheduled. We deploy the website early in the morning hours to allow time for the dust to settle before the routine business day kicks into high gear. We then transition to a supporting role while the new website begins indexing in search engines and begin our complementary post-launch aftercare which includes two months of full maintenance, software updates and security audits while we monitor the success and growth of the new site.

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Engaging website design that converts your audience into quality leads requires experience and creativity. Book a call to learn how our team applies more than 20 years of experience to the creative process to deliver results for our clients.

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