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  • Web Design Strategy
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting


  • Responsive Web Development
  • Custom WordPress Development
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  • Search Engine Optimization

Project Overview

Building a more contemporary digital brand through a custom web design and information architecture design overhaul for a storied Canadian architectural firm serving North American businesses for more than 60 years.

Crafting a custom WordPress website design for one of Canada’s most storied engineering and architectural firms.

Working with engineering and architectural firms to design a sleek new website is a real treat for most web designers. Not only do engineers and architects share our passion for functional design, but also understand when to push back and when to follow the advice of other design professionals. Working with JLR, we found just that – an opportunity to collaborate with another team of analytical thinkers and create a beautiful new architectural website to carry the firm forward for years to come.

Web Design Goals

Website Design for Architects and Engineers

The Web Design Process

Handcrafting unique web experiences for professional firms and agencies presents a unique set of challenges which are chock full of opportunities to disrupt the status quo. Over more than twenty years in the industry, our web design team has created a 6-step web design process to follow no matter the scope or scale of the project to ensure we achieve consistent success for our clients.

Discovery & Strategy

The first phase of any project is Research and Discovery. This foundational phase is critical and establishes important benchmarks and milestones for the strategic UX design and web development phases to follow. The Discovery phase is an opportunity for our creative thinkers to immerse themselves in the user analytics data on the old website and understand what is working well for the intended audience and even more important, what is not working. These numbers don’t lie and help paint a clear picture of how everyday visitors are interacting with the website and provide valuable insight into which information they find the most useful. Through this research, we also identify key audience challenges within the existing navigation and determine how to solve them with a new site map and menu system design.

Other key analytics data we uncover from the Discovery phase paints a clear picture of the technology and screen resolutions the majority of website visitors use to view the current website. It’s important to have this information handy as we enter the Strategy phase. Our UX designers establish the information architecture and wireframe prototypes to begin building a working blueprint for the new website. Everything we create is handcrafted and tailored specifically to the range of devices and technology that the audience uses, ensuring we offer a frictionless user experience.

Architecture Firm Website Design - JL Richards

UX Design

With stakeholder approval of the wireframes, we transition into what many clients find to be the most fun part of the project – creative design. Our web designers first work up a brand new user interface design concept focusing on a handful of key page layouts. First, refining the concept design for a variety of different pages, we worked with the marketing team to expand the new UI design system across all wireframes created in the Strategy phase building and expansive brand library, bringing the new website to life.

Creative Web Design

This process includes high-fidelity website design mockups for both desktop and mobile environments brought to life using a powerful collaboration and prototyping tool. This approach allows project stakeholders to review and understand the new layout and user interactions to make the most educated decisions when approving the web design for development.

Once the new website design was approved by the JLR team, our front-end web developers took the lead and began the artful process of converting the new UI designs into pixel-perfect HTML and CSS templates. Before handing off the HTML, our quality assurance expert runs page templates through initial beta testing to crosscheck and verify their behaviour in modern browsers and contemporary devices looking for display issues. Confident that the responsive elements behave as expected, the HTML is handed off to our expert WordPress developers.

Responsive Website Design

Control over every pixel.

Website Development

Making use of the most powerful CMS platform in the world to manage the new website ensures our client has the most up-to-date content management tools available to them. Our approach to custom web design and development focuses on quality craftsmanship and future-forward thinking to provide flexibility in the way our clients can use the website to market their business for the long term. This practice provides our clients with complete control and confidence to manage their custom website in the years to come.

Responsive web design for architectural company
Custom web design for architectural companies Custom web design for architectural firms

Custom WordPress CMS

After completing the custom WordPress development and preparing the beta website for content entry, we walk our client through a comprehensive CMS demo. The CMS training is designed to test drive all aspects of the new CMS and content management tools while sharing our experience for ongoing search engine optimization and content management best practices with the marketing team before we hand over the keys. Following a little pre-launch content fine-tuning, the new website is QA tested once again to ensure all content is in the correct place and all web pages and functions are behaving correctly.

Following a quiet early morning deployment, the 301 redirect strategy was activated to ensure all old URLs and indexed links are accurately mapped to the appropriate pages in the new website. At this phase, our team steps back into a supporting role with our complementary 60-day aftercare program while the JLR team took over the new website.

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Doing creative work for other professionals requires the confidence and experience to establish a data-driven approach that ensures success – we’ve been delivering results since 2003.

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Doing creative work for other professionals requires the confidence and experience to establish a data-driven approach that ensures success – we’ve been delivering results since 2003.

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