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Project Overview

A family-owned business with more than 5,700 diverse employees coast-to-coast, operating in every province across Canada to make, bottle and distribute some of the world’s most beloved beverages.

A custom WordPress website to power the re-branded Coke Canada Bottling.

When our team was given the opportunity to work with the Coke Canada Bottling team, who make, merchandise, distribute, and sell Coca-Cola beverages in Canada, it was impossible to pass up. As a new, independent company having just introduced a new corporate brand within the last two years, they required a completely overhauled online presence to reflect their new company. When the company first launched, it quickly put up a limited Wix website. As the company evolved through its first several years of operation and its stakeholder base increased, there was a clear opportunity to take the next step into a much more powerful and ownable WordPress CMS that would put the most contemporary digital marketing tools and opportunities at their disposal.

Coke Canada Website Design

Website Design Goals

Custom Web Design for Coke Canada

The Web Design Process

Website Strategy

Many web designers can create a great-looking interface design that, on the surface, makes an impression and warrants a second look. However, after you engage with that interface, it often becomes clear that although the design is visually appealing, the overall experience doesn’t leave a positive impression. The first step in our website design process is designed to address this challenge and help define a foundation from which to build a strategic project plan. Our Discovery phase allows for our team to dive into the analytics, look at specific use cases, search engine performance and speak with stakeholders to understand who we’re redesigning the website for and how they use it.

Once we understand who is using the website and what they may be struggling with when it comes to completing an interaction, inquiry or even managing the website on the administrative side, we build a thorough project strategy that serves as a road map to success throughout the rest of the project.

Working with Coke Canada Bottling, we quickly realized that the website they had been struggling with to manage their newly create company’s needs was challenged by Wix’s limited functionality and templated approach. The site was rife with “bandaids” or stopgaps to help the team get by for the short-term and some dead-end functions that created friction within the user journey. This same, tired patchwork made the site perform slowly, which frustrated users and impeded search engine ranking success, as indicated in the analytics review. In addition to these external challenges, the internal corporate communications team faced limitations at every turn when they wanted to update page content or attempt to improve the website.

Our creative team formed a detailed project plan to solve all these challenges with a professionally crafted user interface revamp and custom WordPress website design.

Strategy driven by data.

Research is the foundation of creative design.

UX Design Strategy

We believe it’s important that our clients understand the reasoning behind our methodology and recommendation and take pride in guiding stakeholders through an interactive wireframing phase following a comprehensive site mapping exercise. In this phase of the design process, our UX designers carefully lay out the information architecture and user experience within each unique type of page in the new website. The UX design process is a foundational phase of the website design process. It allows all team members to review, troubleshoot, and ultimately solve experiential issues within the website while avoiding the distraction of visual design.

Wireframes are created and presented using a prototyping tool that allows our design team to collaborate directly with all project stakeholders enabling them to interact with the page layouts and leave sketches, markups and comments directly on the wireframes for our team to discuss and iterate on in real-time.

The user experience design process ensures that everyone is working on the same page from the get-go and understands why certain information architectures, layouts and design decisions are made before tackling the creative user interface design phase.

To put it plainly, the UX phase is where we solve the experiential challenges within the old website.

Coke Canada Bottling Web Design

Creative Design

Our first task on the creative path was to fully immerse ourselves in the newly developed corporate brand guidelines in order to execute an end-to-end design system worthy of such a vibrant and storied brand identity.

We compared many competitor websites – direct and indirect – throughout our discovery work and found that the vast majority focused on the products and services and didn’t offer much else. In addition, the sites were commonly simple and templated, giving off a very utilitarian feel that didn’t help any brand stand above the rest.

Our approach with the new Coke Canada Bottling website quickly took shape behind meaningful branded and regionally focussed photography showcasing the faces behind the corporate brand. Beyond showcasing information on the beverages that they make, distribute, merchandise and sell, and we all know and love, our goal was to humanize the experience and share with the viewer the company’s true value – its people.

Nicola Krishna

When we first began working with Parachute I knew we had made the right choice. We needed a complete overhaul, and required a team willing to guide us through each step. We were able to lean heavily on Parachute and their vast knowledge and they were always more than happy to provide helpful feedback, even when we had the smallest of questions! Working collaboratively with them really took a lot of pressure off our small, internal team, and allowed us to breathe easy, knowing they were at the helm.

Coke Canada Bottling Limited
Nicola Krishna,

Coke Canada Bottling

The website user interface design took shape as we wove the beautiful imagery with subtle tones and graphical elements that leave lasting impressions on the audience.

Together with the Coke Canada Bottling team, we collaborated on key design refinements and the concept ensuring that everyone was completely happy and on board with the design direction before carrying the fresh design system across all wireframes created in the Strategy phase. This process also included high-fidelity interface design mockups for both the desktop and mobile environments brought to life using our powerful collaboration and prototyping tool to help stakeholders make the most educated decisions before the first line of code is written.

Custom WordPress Development

We love WordPress! The world’s most popular CMS platform is incredibly powerful and customizable, and when hand-crafted by WordPress experts, the new site can support the company’s online needs for years to come. In this case, we seized the opportunity to re-invent the CMS and reorganize the website’s backend making the unique day-to-day needs of the Coke Canada Bottling team easier to manage, faster and much more intuitive than its predecessor. In providing the corporate communications team with the tools to manage the website content from top to bottom and fine-tune search engine optimization strategies, we solved the issues plaguing the team with the previous website.

Fast, mobile-friendly web design.

Adapting to any device in real-time.

Responsive Web Development

With the high-fidelity website concept fully approved, our front-end web developers joined the mix transforming the new UI designs into pixel-perfect code. Before handoff to our backend developers, our quality assurance advisor ran the new page templates through a round of beta testing to ensure they respond and function as expected across contemporary browsers and devices.

Responsive Website Design for Coke Canada
Responsive Web Design for Coke Canada Mobile Web Design for Coke Canada

Next, our expert WordPress developers took over to integrate the custom page templates with a hand-crafted WordPress backend tailored specifically to meet the needs of all website stakeholders and their short and long-term goals.

After completing the development phase, the new site was populated with English and French content and once again thoroughly tested to ensure all content was in the correct place, responding to mobile devices and that the new site passed AODA Compliance. Before launch, we guided the team through a WordPress CMS demo test driving all aspects of the new CMS and website management tools while sharing our best practices for ongoing search engine optimization.

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Working with big brands requires creativity, patience and most of all, experience. Our creative web design team has all three.

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