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Project Overview

As cannabis culture grows in Canada, the industry is flooded with local shops and online providers. To stand out from the crowd, a brand needs to think differently – to do so, Spiritleaf chose our agency to re-invent their popular cannabis brand, focusing on the cannabis lifestyle and industry-leading cannabis information.

Hand-crafted cannabis web design and branding to stand out from the crowd.

The cannabis industry in Canada is growing exponentially, with new shops and online stores appearing every day. With such a flooded market space, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd to be seen and build your brand. Standing out is far easier said than done in an industry with so much noise and commotion. The cannabis brands that put the time, effort and budget into creating genuinely unique and meaningful experiences for their customers are most likely to establish success and ride the growth wave long enough to build a lasting brand when the dust settles.

Understanding the need to be thoughtful with their branding and online marketing is what landed Spiritleaf in our inbox not too long ago. Our web design agency has worked with cannabis brands previously and developed a fundamental understanding of the laws, rules and strict regulations that govern cannabis marketing initiatives. Our industry knowledge, coupled with our creative experience, made us natural partners to redesign and develop the brand new Spiritleaf website.

Cannabis Website Design for Spiritleaf

Website Design Goals

Cannabis Web Design for Spiritleaf

The Web Design Process

Website Strategy

Many people can create a nice interface design that, at a glance, looks great. However, after you begin to use that interface to engage in the user journey, it often becomes apparent that although the design is visually appealing, the experience doesn’t leave a positive impression behind. Therefore, the first step in our website design process is to dive into the analytics, use cases, search engine performance and speak with stakeholders to understand why we are redesigning the website.

Once we understand who is using the website and what they are struggling with in terms of completing an interaction, sale or even managing the website on the administrative side, we build a web design strategy that serves as a road map to success throughout the rest of the project.

Working with Spiritleaf, we quickly realized that the website they had been struggling with for the last year or more was full of bandaid fixes and dead-end functions that created friction within the customer journey. This same tired patchwork made the site perform slowly, which frustrated users and impeded search engine ranking success. In addition to these external challenges, the internal marketing team faced limitations and challenges at every turn whenever they wanted to update content or attempt to improve the website.

Our creative team formulated a detailed plan to solve all these issues with a custom WordPress website design with a thorough discovery exercise and data in hand.

Cannabis eCommerce Web Design for Spiritleaf

UX Design Strategy

We guide our clients through an interactive wireframing phase following our comprehensive site map design exercise. In this part of the process, our UX designers carefully map out the information architecture and user experience within each unique type of page in the new website. The UX design process is a foundational phase of the website design process. It allows stakeholders to solve experiential issues within the website without the distraction of visual design.

Wireframes are created and uploaded into a prototyping tool that allows our design team to collaborate directly with all project stakeholders by enabling them to interact with the page layouts and leave sketches, markups and comments directly on the wireframes for our team to discuss and iterate upon.

The UX design process ensures that everyone gets on the same page early and understands why structures, layouts and design decisions are made before engaging in the creative user interface design phase.

Essentially, this is how we solve most of the experiential challenges within the old website.

Responsive Web Design

Seamless experience across desktop and mobile.

Creative Design

Our first task on the creative path was to rethink the brand positioning of the cannabis retailer. The saturation in the Canadian cannabis market is overwhelming. To make an impact and stand out amongst all the noise within the industry, we opted to focus on two key elements to support the brand – lifestyle and information.

Throughout our discovery work, we researched many cannabis websites and found that the vast majority focused on the products and didn’t offer much else. In addition, the sites were commonly simple and templated, giving off a very utilitarian vibe that didn’t help anyone brand stand above the rest.

Mobile Web Design for Cannabis Retailers – Spiritleaf
Cannabis WordPress Design - Spiritleaf Responsive Web Design for Cannabis Shop – Spiritleaf

Our approach with Spiritleaf quickly took shape behind solid photography, and various media all focused on the cannabis lifestyle within the Canadian environment. The new aesthetic that evolved showed relatable Canadians in urban settings, on outdoor adventures and everyday life with Spiritleaf swag and other products.

We designed a new cannabis culture hub within the website to feature Spiritleaf curated music playlists from Spotify, cannabis recipes, tips, images, videos, and social media hooks to engage Canadians and make the Spiritleaf brand genuinely ownable.

The website user interface design took shape as we wove the beautiful imagery with subtle tones and textures that leave lasting impressions within the audience, taking them back to happy memories with friends, incredible outdoor adventures and connecting the Spiritleaf brand with those moments.

Cannabis Store Locator Design

Custom WordPress Development

We love WordPress – plain and simple. The open-source platform is incredibly powerful and customizable, and when developed by WordPress professionals, the website can support the digital marketing efforts of a company for years to come. With Spiritleaf, we seized the opportunity to re-invent the CMS on their own terms and reorganize the website’s backend to make day-to-day management easier, faster and more intuitive. By giving the marketing team the necessary tools to fully manage the website, content, and fine-tune search engine optimization strategies, we solved the majority of the issues plaguing the team with the previous website.

Spiritleaf had previously invested in the Dutchie platform to connect their eCommerce sales with individual franchise’s POS systems. The Dutchie platform is great because it’s easy to set up and manage, but ultimately the experience created is the same as all other cannabis shops using the same platform.

Steven Orechow, Digital Strategist at Sundial Growers

We were very happy with the final result of our new website design, Parachute overcame every challenge that presented itself throughout the project and helped us ideate and execute a strategy for success. I would highly recommend Parachute!

Spiritleaf Logo
Steven Orechow,

Digital Strategist, Sundial Growers Inc.

Understanding the need to stand out from the ordinary, we opted to move away from the standard Dutchie experience and dive headfirst into their latest offering, Dutchie+. The plus environment takes Dutchie’s cannabis e-commerce platform and opens it up so that developers can customize the design and user experience to make the online shop unique to the brand.

Working closely with the development team at Dutchie, we encountered several challenges and roadblocks to achieving the initial online shopping experience we aimed to offer. To address these needs, we worked together to troubleshoot and overcome some of the difficulties with the Dutchie team implementing patches and changes to their platform.

Our feedback, in turn, prompted a meeting with Dutchie’s product development team to invite our agency to participate in a platform review process to make the Dutchie+ platform better with incremental improvements and enhancements to streamline processes and bring new features to the software.

Ultimately, with some hard work, determination and creative thinking, our teams worked together to create a truly unique and ownable experience on the new Spiritleaf website that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression.

Our final and perhaps most important goal with the Spiritleaf website redesign was to improve the search engine footprint and overall website performance to bring the site up to speed. With a professional WordPress build that focuses on planning ahead enabled our web developers to craft a responsive website that could be fine-tuned to blow past all previous performance benchmarks.

Let's make something.

Custom website design for cannabis retailers requires creativity and experience. Our web design agency has a proven track record of successful deployments spanning two decades.

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Let's make something.

Custom website design for cannabis retailers requires creativity and experience. Our web design agency has a proven track record of successful deployments spanning two decades.

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