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Project Overview

A complete rebranding of a US-based Fit Tech company to break the bonds of start-up mode and reshape their image with a mature, evocative brand identity and custom e-commerce website powered by WordPress.

Rebranding and custom website design for a fit tech company – RunDNA.

One of our design agency’s specialties is helping businesses leap from start-up mode to mature businesses with carefully crafted branding and custom website design tailored specifically to meet their growing needs. Our partnership with RunDNA focused on understanding how the company began and the team’s goals for their business to grow from start-up mode into a fully mature brand.

After a couple of initial meetings with RunDNA, we both agreed that we were a great fit and worked together to build a detailed project plan to map out our path to success with a rebranding exercise and custom WordPress website design. The company had gotten off the ground with a do-it-yourself Wix website but had outgrown the platform’s capabilities and required some more customized integrations between its online shop and external CRM and LMS platforms. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to extend the brand across all digital and physical applications and got to work.

Web Design for Fit Tech Company, RunDNA

Website Design Goals

Fit-Tech Web Design for RunDNA

The Web Design Process

Over the past 20 years, our web design agency has finely tuned a 6-step web design process that has stood the test of time and continues to deliver the results our clients aim for. The most important step is discovery, no matter how big or small a project is. Before we can design something to communicate with an audience, it’s imperative that we understand how they are and what challenges they face with the current website achieving their goals so that we can design something that solves those problems and provides a better, more engaging user experience.

Diving into the web analytics and conducting our famous kickoff questionnaire to gather important insights and vision from the stakeholders, we get to work studying the current website and top competitor sites. We also run a series of SEO audits to understand where the current website is successful in ranking and where we can improve the organic footprint. All this research comes together to build the foundation for the rest of the project, and we transition into the strategy phase.

Designing a new site map to address challenges in the navigation is a critical first step as it is an effective way to put everything on the table and organize the new site content to provide an intuitive experience.

Next up is UX design or wireframing, where we look at every unique type of page in the website and design a unique experience and information architecture based on the actions we want users to take on that page to achieve their goals – and the clients’. Wireframes are shared in a prototyping tool that allows all stakeholders and designers to work together on the prototype and make decisions with actual context, as many of the features and functions within the website can be simulated at this stage. Carefully planning the user experience through these detailed blueprints without the distraction of high-fidelity design allows for faster changes and experimentation to keep us on timeline and budget.

Responsive UI Design

Mobile-friendly design for runners on-the-move

Creative UI Design

The creative design phase is the one everyone looks forward to most, except perhaps for launch day. This is where all the research and strategy come together to create the first conceptual layouts for the new website. Beginning with a few key pages, our web designers craft a unique interface design based on the wireframing conducted earlier. The concept design is prototyped again, and stakeholders are guided through the rationale and reasoning behind key elements and interactions within the concept.

After ironing out the first draft, the new design system is carried through each unique page created in the strategy phase to form a complete template library for the WordPress content management system.

Responsive web design requires that the interface adapts to the viewport or screen dimensions of the device used to load the website. To provide a full view of the new website design to decision-makers, we also prepare responsive layouts for mobile devices that are prototyped for touchscreen devices and interactions. This process allows everyone on the project team to immerse themselves in the truly responsive experience crafted for the new website and make educated decisions that will drive the success of the project later on.

RunDNA Plan Builder Design
RunDNA Mobile Website Design RunDNA Mobile Web Design

WordPress Website Development

We love WordPress. It’s incredibly flexible and very easy to use no matter what your experience level is. Once the UI design is finalized and approved for development, our web developers get work building the new website. Our guiding principles focus on paying as much attention to the details in the back end as we do on the front end to offer total control over the new website without asking our client to write a single line of code. This end-to-end experience makes our custom WordPress sites stand the test of time and provide the most ROI for our clients.

Within the RunDNA website, we were challenged to create two highly customized integrations within the eCommerce process. First, the system assessed each order to determine if it was a virtual course or a physical product. Based on that determination, a personalized shopping cart would be presented to the user depending on what type of information RunDNA needed to collect to complete the order.

RunDNA VDot Calculator

Next, the order information would be transferred to Hubspot and synched with the internal CRM marketing and fulfillment process to eliminate most of the manual work the team was doing to process orders.

Last, if the purchase included registration into one of RunDNA’s virtual courses presented through the Kajabi LMS, the website would communicate with the LMS to confirm the registration and place the user in the appropriate program.

All of this happening in a matter of seconds behind the scenes to provide customers with a frictionless checkout to strengthen the RunDNA brand experience.

The new website also features a number of interactive tools available to runners and specialists, including a Run Pro locator and self-help tool to add your own Gait Analysis business to the RunDNA database to become part of the RunDNA community. For runners, a VDOT calculator is available to collect their run statistics and generate an instant report based on time and distance.

Doug Adams

Parachute was very patient and organized which helped us undertake a daunting company rebrand and website design. The team met the time frames set forth and guided us through everything from start to finish. Jay and his team are very quick to respond to any needs or questions and deliver the highest quality work I’ve seen yet.

Doug Adams,


RunDNA RunPro Locator

CMS Demo and SEO Training

Before we hand over the keys, we want to make sure our client is comfortable behind the wheel of their new marketing machine. To do so, we conduct a comprehensive training session to demo the new CMS and share its capabilities and powerful tools to project stakeholders. The recorded session is designed to walk the new web admins through all the tools needed for the day-to-day management of the website and how to manage the website to get the best performance from it.

This session also presents an opportunity to share our digital marketing experience with our clients and guide them with best practices to manage their digital assets, communicate effectively with their audience and, most importantly, continue to optimize their website to rank as high as possible in organic search.

We provide complimentary support and maintenance services for 60 days after the website launch to ensure the website performs best. Following the maintenance period, we offer continuous maintenance plans tailored to each client to keep their site secure, healthy and driving growth.

Is your small business website under performing?

Small business website design and branding is a challenge in today’s fast-paced e-commerce space. Delivering premium design that marries form and function requires experience and an untamed creative drive – we have both.

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McMillan LLP

Is your small business website under performing?

Small business website design and branding is a challenge in today’s fast-paced e-commerce space. Delivering premium design that marries form and function requires experience and an untamed creative drive – we have both.

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