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Project Overview

From our first strategy meeting to the official ribbon-cutting on launch day, this is the story of how we tackled a corporate rebrand and custom WordPress website design of one of Toronto’s top accounting firms, Stern Cohen LLP.

Tapping into Our Years of Experience for a Corporate Brand Refresh

In 2013 we first started working with Stern Cohen to first rebrand the accounting firm from the ground up and then develop a future-forward website and SEO strategy to help the firm become an industry leader in the digital space. The success of this initial engagement was so substantial that Stern Cohen won an award for their new website and it took a decade for the firm to be ready to part ways with the website crafted in 2013 and explore the latest design and experiential trends available to us in 2013.

Over the last decade we’ve worked closely with the firm on various digital marketing projects throughout each year and earned their trust in adapting to the digital space to keep their marketing on the cutting edge of the accounting industry. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve just deployed a brand new custom WordPress website and subtle brand refresh designed to solidify Stern Cohen’s place at the forefront of the accounting industry.

Following our early strategy work, our team created a plan of action that would serve as a roadmap for stakeholders to follow throughout the corporate brand refresh and accounting firm website design project. With our foundation established we were ready to embark on yet another creative journey together. First we tackled the subtle rebranding exercise with some careful adjustments to the logo and updating the corporate colour palette to allow more personality, emotion and design freedom throughout the user interface design and subsequent marketing assets to follow.

Website Design for Accounting Firms in Toronto

Future-forward Design Strategy for Accounting Firms

Having partnered with Stern Cohen since 2013 our creative team has maintained a clear vision of the firm’s culture, personality and what not only draws new clients to their inbox, but also makes a lasting impression with other accounting professionals in the industry with sights on joining an industry-leading accounting firm. This insight was a cornerstone in our design of what would become an award-winning brand in the North American financial industry. The process was extremely quick and smooth for everyone involved, as lines of communication and design feedback remained open throughout the rebranding process. Within a week we had a strong, contemporary logo design that brought the firm’s corporate image forward from its predecessor. With this first step behind us, our web designers began expanding the new brand across a vibrant new design system that would bring the new website to life.

Accounting Firm Web Design Case Study

The updated user interface design within the new website focuses on the accounting firm’s playful and unique culture while maintaining a calming effect that stakeholders aimed to instil in the audience. Emphasis was placed on the Stern Cohen team, their personal stories and contact methods, including downloadable v-cards and connections to their informative social media accounts. A careers section was designed to allow the website administrator to quickly post job openings, which connected to web application forms to minimize our client’s day-to-day efforts by automating as much of this process as possible.

Responsive Web Design

Engaging a Changing Client-base

Mobile-minded for the future.

The best accounting firm website design focuses on mobile responsiveness. One of the most impactful improvements we determined to be essential in the new website design for this financial services firm was creating a fully responsive website design so that Stern Cohen could reach a changing and more youth-driven audience. The responsive website design enables users to access and experience the complete website from any device, whether it be a desktop or laptop computer, or a tablet or mobile phone. To offer an optimised user experience for mobile visitors, we froze the parallax effect to minimise load time and prevent any of the common hiccups parallax websites experience with mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design for Accountants
Mobile Web Design for Accounting Firms Mobile Website Design for Accountants

Custom WordPress Content Management System Development

A key goal we aimed our sights on right out of the gate was utilizing the latest technology available within the WordPress content management system to introduce more automation on day-to-day tasks and bring even more flexibility to every page within the website for the marketing team to make maximum impact. Having already been using one of our custom WordPress websites for more than a decade, the firm’s marketing manager was able to easily adapt to the latest tools available in the CMS and immediately put them to work delivering results for the firm.

Julie James

“Thanks to Parachute’s experience and patient guidance, what seemed like a gargantuan project was, in the end, very manageable. One of our key goals was to create a web presence unlike traditional accounting firm websites as we are not your typical accounting firm – our new website certainly reflects that! We now have an SEO-optimized, responsive website that we are enormously proud of. I highly recommend Parachute on behalf of everyone at Stern Cohen LLP!”

Stern Cohen Logo
Julie James,

Marketing Manager, Stern Cohen LLP

Custom web design for accountants

Search Engine Optimization Was Paramount

The accounting industry is incredibly competitive online and having worked with Stern Cohen for nearly a decade to develop a very strong SEO-footprint that boasted best in class rankings, a key goal in the website redesign was to maintain the firms excellent organic positions. To achieve this, our expert web design and SEO team developed a high-performing WordPress site that exceeds standard web performance benchmarks and worked with the Stern Cohen team to optimize the content of key pages throughout the website.

Award-Winning Logo and Website Design Recognition

In the months to come post-deployment, Stern Cohen was nominated and ultimately won awards for both their updated logo design and website design within the North American financial industry. When a relationship grows from an initial email inquiry to creating a best-in-class website design and brand identity, we can’t help but take a moment to reflect on the difference hard work, collaboration, and experience can make for our clients.

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Corporate rebranding and web design for accounting firms require a thorough understanding of user interaction trends and professional experience. Let our Toronto web designers help your accounting firm stand out.

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Let's make something.

Corporate rebranding and web design for accounting firms require a thorough understanding of user interaction trends and professional experience. Let our Toronto web designers help your accounting firm stand out.

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