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Project Overview

A top-to-bottom corporate rebranding for a growing asset management firm, including brand identity and logo design, custom website design and a refocussed search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy to power the firm in 2023.

Corporate rebranding of a growing asset management firm.

Middlefield Group has been a quiet staple in the asset management industry for more than four decades. Operating in Canada and the UK, the firm boasts a proven track record of providing investors access to the ever-evolving equity income investing trends.

Middlefield’s leadership group reached out to our design agency for help bringing their company forward with a modernized brand and an online experience to compete with the heavy hitters in the investment industry. Corporate rebranding is one of our core design strengths. For more than two decades, our logo designers have been honing their craft, creating future-forward branding to power our client’s digital marketing for years to come. Crafting a brand new identity for Middlefield was an engaging challenge and the results came together incredibly fast as the executive leadership team bought into our design process from the start.

Middlefield Logo Design

The art of web design for asset management companies and financial institutions is based on a clean approach focusing on numbers. It’s not a time to get overly creative and try to reinvent the wheel; instead, it’s best to focus on a clear message and easy access to the data that the audience is after.

Every website design and branding project begins with a discovery session to learn more about our client, their audience and their marketing goals. We work with our clients to identify goals and set specific milestones to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page throughout the project. This mutual goal-setting exercise creates the foundation for our design strategy and provides a measuring stick to gauge project success against.

Investment Firm Website Design for Middlefield

Website Design Goals

The Web Design Process

For more than two decades, our web design agency has crafted custom website design for the financial services industry. Our web designers have the experience and creative skillset to deliver successful results for our clients following our time-tested design process. We kicked off the project with our famous brand questionnaire that is designed to help everyone relax and realize the design process should be fun. The questionnaire helps our designers and web developers understand our client’s corporate culture and internal brand perception and identify key competitors in the industry. The questionnaire exercise quickly draws out the personality and vision necessary to transform our research into hand-made visual design assets.

After completing the kickoff questionnaire, we review the analytics data to better understand and identify hurdles or roadblocks in the existing user journey. Using the historical user data, our designers rethink and restructure the new website UI and user experience to meet the demands and expectations of the audience to reduce friction between the website, the brand and the viewers.

Middlefield Asset Management Firm Website Design

Our UX designers work up the initial wireframes to begin mapping out the new website strategy and demo the prototype for stakeholders to experience the information architecture exercise in context. Crafting detailed wireframes for the new website before considering the new UI design offers a comprehensive look at the information architecture and detailed user journey that is planned for each unique type of page slated for design in the new website.

Wireframing also helps project stakeholders to review and make more educated decisions on the foundation of the new website without the distraction of a high-fidelity website design. Revisions are made within the wireframes much faster, which all but eliminates excessive design revisions that can derail a project. These savings translate into a more efficient project timeline that keeps the project on schedule and on budget.

Using an interactive online prototyping tool, our team presents the UX design to project leaders in a live web-based environment that allows them to mark up the designs with comments and feedback shared by all parties. Including key decision-makers in the UX design process ensures they understand the rationale and purpose for elements within the design and offers them an opportunity to make the most informed decisions at this fundamental stage of the design process.

Responsive Website Design

Consistent experience across all environments.

Creative UI Design

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of the creative process is momentum, sometimes referred to as “flow.” Moving forward with a group of professional designers and project stakeholders focused on the same vision and goals helps the creative team move from strategy into design execution and craft exceptionally strong conceptual design.

Using the road map developed during the discovery and strategy phases, our web designers take the wireframes and shape and mold a new user interface design over top of the framework.

Responsive Website Design for Asset Management Firm – Middlefield
Mobile Website Design for Investment Firm – Middlefield Responsive Web Design for Investment Firm – Middlefield

The initial website design concept included a home page, a landing page and content page to offer a broad look at the new design system proposed for the new website. This process offers context for stakeholders to make a confident decision in the creative direction before the new design system is extended across all required page layouts. Our prototyping tool also showcases the conceptual work to provide a complete look at the UI design and interactions.

With the approval of the initial concept design, our team carries the new UI design system throughout the remaining wireframe layouts to ensure we have a complete set of page templates across desktop and mobile environments before we begin development on the custom WordPress CMS.

WordPress Website Development

Our web development team has more than 20 years of experience customizing WordPress to meet the explicit needs of our clients. Throughout this journey, our web developers have amassed extensive knowledge and expertise within the open-source WordPress environment. To create a powerful and easy-to-use digital marketing platform for Middlefield, our developers created a backend to make day-to-day website management fast, easy and intuitive.

Every pixel in the website was carefully considered and planned using Advanced Custom Fields to ensure the marketing and IT teams could easily manage the various aspects of the website from launch day forward. This includes a custom CSV lookup that pulls stock information and investment data into the website in real-time, making it incredibly simple to make site-wide content updates with a few keystrokes.

Anthony Tavella

Parachute’s flexibility is outstanding! Our leadership is old school and to get everyone on the same page can be challenging. Parachute was masterful in incorporating everyone’s requests and helping us collaborate so that everyone felt heard and was involved with the results – results that have blown all expectations out of the water.

Middlefield Logo
Anthony Tavella,

Head of Marketing, Middlefield Group

CMS Demo and SEO Training

Following the successful launch of the new website, we put together a guided training session to demo the new CMS with stakeholders. The recorded screencast allows us to walk everyone through the tools needed for day-to-day website management.

We also share the core of our online marketing experience with a walk-through of all the digital marketing tools we have used to build a winning strategy for their new website. We cover what each tool is designed to do, how to use them and how to take advantage of the latest and greatest the web has to offer to make marketing their business intuitive and successful.

When we hand over the website to our clients we want to be sure they are confident in managing the new website to grow their business.

For 60 days after launch, we also provide complimentary maintenance and support services to ensure the website performs at its best. Following the maintenance period, we work with our clients to tailor an individualized maintenance and support plan to support their digital marketing and help keep their website in good health.

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Corporate branding and website design for asset management firms requires confidence, experience and creativity. Investment firms from around the world count on our decades of experience to power their digital marketing – you can too.

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Corporate branding and website design for asset management firms requires confidence, experience and creativity. Investment firms from around the world count on our decades of experience to power their digital marketing – you can too.

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