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Web Design Services

  • Digital Branding
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting


  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Broker Locator Development
  • Private Portal Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Project Overview

A brand new responsive website design built on a custom WordPress platform to support one of Canada’s leading mortgage investment corporations’ brand restructuring.

Custom WordPress website design for one of Canada’s leading mortgage investment corporations.

MCAN Financial underwent a corporate restructuring and a subsequent rebranding before engaging our Toronto web design agency to oversee the website redesign for the new parent corporation and its three subsidiaries. Having worked with MCAN during their previous brand identity update nearly ten years prior, we were very familiar with the team and vision behind the corporation and its services.

Rebranding exercises are right up our alley. Since 2003 Parachute has been refining the art of web design for mortgage investment corporations and other financial institutions ranging from investment houses to accounting firms. To craft a truly successful website for our client, we relied on this extensive experience as well as our time-tested web design and development process.

Every website design project, big or small, begins the same way – with a discovery session. We work with our clients to outline their project goals to ensure all stakeholders are aligned on what will become the guiding principles for the project. These goals lay the foundation for our web design strategy and also provide a means by which we can measure the project’s success later on.

Website Design Goals

MCAN Financial Website Design

The Web Design Process

Relying on nearly two decades of experience creating hand-made website design for the financial services industry, our web designers have the knowledge and expertise to deliver successful results for our clients. To bolster our extensive experience, we kicked off the project with our time-tested brand questionnaire. The questionnaire helps our designers and developers understand the client’s business culture and brand perception as well as root our user personas and key competitors in their industry. Our questionnaire quickly draws the direction and personality necessary to transform our research into high-fidelity visual design.

Following the completion of the questionnaire, we review the website analytics data to help identify existing challenges or roadblocks in the existing user journey. Also, relying on the historical user data available, our website designers can tailor the new website design interface and user experience to best suit the changing audience and their current technical preferences.

MCAN Financial Website Design for MICs

Next, our UX designers craft the initial website wireframes to execute our new strategy and walk our client through an important information architecture exercise. Creating detailed wireframes for the new website before approaching the user interface design offers a contextual look at the information architecture planned for each unique page layout that will exist within the new website. Wireframing also helps stakeholders review and make critical decisions without the distraction of a polished design. Revisions can be addressed on the wireframes quickly, eliminating the need for additional rounds of design changes later on. These time savings translate into a more efficient timeline and budget that helps keep the project on schedule.

Making use of an interactive online prototyping tool, we present the wireframes to stakeholders to review and engage with in a live web-based environment. By allowing MCAN’s decision-makers to interact with the wireframes rather than making assumptions based on static layouts or images, we ensure they are making the most informed decisions at this fundamental stage of the design process.

Responsive Website Design

Find a broker on the go.

Creative UI Design for Mobile Devices

One of the most important and often unspoken elements of the design process is momentum. Moving forward with a collective group focus and goal helps the creative team flow from strategy into design.

Using the foundation established during the website strategy phase, our web designers take the finalized wireframes and begin crafting the new conceptual user interface design over top of them.

Responsive Web Design for MICs
Responsive Website Design for MICs Mobile Website Design for MICs

The initial website design concept included a home page, a landing page and a deeper level content page to provide enough context for stakeholders to make a confident decision in our creative direction before carrying the new design system throughout the entire collecting of page layouts. These pages are also presented in our prototyping application to ensure each stakeholder is viewing the design work not as a static image but as an interactive interface design. The tool allows our clients to comment and mark up each layout in true context and also notifies them via email (if they choose) as we complete the requested changes.

With the approval of the initial concept design, our team carries the design system throughout the remaining wireframe layouts to ensure we have a complete set of page templates for development in the custom WordPress CMS.

Kim Mercer

Working with Parachute has been an incredibly positive experience – they’re always quick with suggestions for improvement and deliver strong work, often ahead of schedule. We’ve been very happy with our relationship and hope to continue in growth and success. They are experts in their field, and I highly recommend them!

MCAN Financial
Kim Mercer,

Director of Marketing, MCAN Financial

WordPress Website Development

Our Toronto web design agency has spent nearly two decades honing our custom WordPress development expertise. Throughout this journey, our web development team has built extensive knowledge and expertise within the WordPress environment. To provide MCAN Financial with a powerful and easy-to-use digital marketing platform, our developers tailored a backend to make the day-to-day management of the website fast, easy and intuitive.

Every nook and cranny of the MCAN website was carefully crafted using Advanced Custom Fields to ensure stakeholders could hit the ground running on launch day with a platform that will grow with their needs for years to come.

Broker Portal

The new website features a private broker portal that allows mortgage brokers to create secure accounts to gain access to financial information and other resources to help them service their clients more efficiently. Website administrators have many tools in hand through the new website to manage preferred listings within the broker locator or provide individualized access to financial documents on a broker-by-broker basis.

MCAN Broker Locator Development

Website Deployment

When deploying a new website, we recommend a “soft launch” approach to allow the new site to stretch its legs before it’s asked to run. A few days before our scheduled launch, we migrated the website from our private development server to its new home on the staging environment of the production server. We stage the website here for at least two days to ensure we have ample opportunity to test the website before releasing it to the public. This practice allows us to find and fix any wrinkles created during the migration process or due to differences in server configuration between the environments.

Opting to partner with a managed WordPress hosting platform, we ensure launch day runs smoothly, and we can take advantage of all the fantastic performance enhancements and management tools available.

CMS Training and SEO Best Practices

Once the dust has settled after launch day, we conduct an online demo of the new CMS with stakeholders. The screencast allows us to walk everyone through the day-to-day use of the content management system and review content and search engine optimization best practices. When we hand over the keys to the new website administrator, we can be sure that our clients are confident in maintaining their new website and driving their online business forward.

The screencast is recorded and later made available for download and safe keeping. This safety net ensures that any new website administrator that joins the team down the road has access to a guided training session.

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Large-scale web design for discerning clientele is not for the faint of heart. Financial organizations from around the world count on our experience to get it right the first time.

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Large-scale web design for discerning clientele is not for the faint of heart. Financial organizations from around the world count on our experience to get it right the first time.

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