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Project Overview

With the merger of NRG Peaks and newly acquired Workbench, we were engaged by long time clients to oversee the complete corporate rebranding of the two entities as Workbench Energy.

A complete corporate rebranding exercise including renaming, brand development and website design.

Years ago, we partnered with a power generation startup in Toronto to create their burgeoning brand and online marketing, including logo design, website design and both digital and print marketing assets. Ten years later, several of the original team members moved on to purchase NRG Peaks and Workbench, and our Toronto web design company was trusted to oversee the corporate rebranding and website design for the merger of the two companies.

Corporate Rebranding and Design Goals

Web Design for Industrial Companies - Workbench Energy

Branding and Web Design Process

Strategy and Research

It’s not very often that we get involved with naming exercises as part of our brand strategy. In this case, however, given our history of working with the team at Workbench Energy, we invested a solid week in brainstorming. We came up with a dozen names to consider for the new parent company. In the end, the team fell in love with Workbench Energy, which was essentially a reversal of the two sub-brands that intertwined the two into the parent brand quite effectively.

With a new name for the parent company ironed out, we left the Workbench team to look after registration and all the fun elements that come along with registering a new business and focused our attention on brand strategy.

As our creative experts shifted into logo design mode, our Toronto web designers began initial strategy work with a site mapping exercise to map out the new website. Site map design played a crucial role in this project as we aimed to merge two existing websites into one more extensive website.

Following site mapping, our web design experts quickly advanced with conceptual wireframe designs. We shared the wireframes with the Workbench team using our interactive prototyping and collaboration tool, allowing everyone to view the plans in context and share feedback within the group. With all the wrinkles neatly ironed out, we were able to move on to the user interface design phase – always everyone’s favourite in our 6-step design process.

Web Design & Development for Industrial Companies - Workbench Energy

Logo Design

Custom logo design is most often a challenging undertaking as the logo serves as a foundational element within the brand and everything that follows. Our Toronto logo designers got to work with conceptual design work and slowly refined our ideas into three solid options for the team at Workbench to consider.

Workbench Energy Logo Design

After several discussions with our client, they selected a winner for the new parent company logo design. Our next steps were to apply the new design system and colour palette to the existing sub-brands, NRG Peaks and Workbench, to give them a refresh and bring them into the fold with the new parent brand. Having all three entities under one brand umbrella would then offer consistency and solidarity throughout all facets of the business and communications with customers new and old.

Branded Assets Design

With our new brand family fresh out of the incubator, we set to work on expanding the new brand across the various media that the Workbench team will use to market their services for years to come. Moving quickly through the business systems design to ensure they have professional cards, letterheads, reports and whitepaper design templates, we paved the way for a beautiful new presentation deck design. Within the deck, we crafted a series of beautifully branded templates that would allow the Workbench team to quickly piece together professional-looking presentations on the fly and minimize the time and expense of creating these marketing and sales tools from scratch for each presentation.

Responsive web design is crucial

User-friendly UI design

Mobile Web Design

With all the positive momentum built through the early stages of the corporate branding process, our web designers joined the mix and hand-crafted a beautiful new responsive website design. We shared the high fidelity layouts within our prototyping and collaboration tool to gather and organize actionable feedback.

In no time at all, we had polished off 15 custom page layouts for development on the WordPress CMS backbone of the website.

Responsive Website Design for Industrial AI Companies - Workbench Energy
Responsive Web Design for Industrial AI Companies - Workbench Energy

Our WordPress web developers are always involved in the strategy and web design process to ensure that our professional web designers present highly functional design options to our clients. In this case, they were chomping at the bit to dive into front-end development and bring the new user interface design to life by way of hand-drawn SVG animations throughout the website to breathe some life into an otherwise very industrial environment.

With the approval of all desktop layouts, our web development team got their wish, while the web designers moved on to explore tablet and mobile responsive interface design concepts.

Responsive Web Design for Industrial Companies - Workbench Energy

WordPress Website Development

Custom WordPress development has been a core function of our Toronto web design agency for more than a decade. Over this time, our team has become incredibly efficient and knowledgeable about the limits of the world’s most popular content management system. To provide the Workbench team with an industry-leading online presence, our talented web developers created a tailored backend to make the day-to-day management of the website fast, easy and intuitive. Providing absolute control over all content and animations that communicate with the user via the front-end interface was paramount.

Every aspect of the Workbench Energy website was carefully planned and developed in WordPress to ensure the Workbench team could burst out of the gates and enter the spotlight ready to compete.

Cam Carver

“The most unique aspect about Parachute is that they get right to the important elements of the project. They don’t put too much weight on nebulous exercises around exploring your inner self. Instead, they get right down to what the project is about and what you want to get out of it. They’re practical and don’t waste time on exercises that ultimately won’t bear fruit.”

Workbench Energy Logo Design
Cam Carver,

CEO, Workbench Energy Inc.

Website Deployment

After completing our pre-launch checklist, we put the website through its paces to ensure a successful deployment. We migrated the code and content to the staging environment where the website would spend a couple of days in its new environment allowing both teams to perform a final bug check. Each and every server make up is a little different from the PHP version to processing speed and this results in website behaviour changing in some cases. Our boutique web design company in Toronto stresses this soft launch approach with all new websites to ensure ample time to monitor the website in the wild before rolling it out in public view.

By choosing to host the website on a managed WordPress hosting platform, the process of moving from staging to production was fast and easy, allowing for a smooth launch day.

Workbench Energy Pitch Deck
Workbench Energy Pitch Deck
Workbench Energy Pitch Deck
Workbench Energy Pitch Deck
Workbench Energy Pitch Deck
Workbench Energy Pitch Deck

To support the new corporate branding and website design for Workbench Energy, our talented designers created a templated digital pitch deck that Workbench could adjust on the fly for conducting client pitches and presentations.

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Corporate branding and web design require experience, research and natural-born creativity. Our agency has it all and more. Let us help your business take the next step.

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Let’s make something.

Corporate branding and web design require experience, research and natural-born creativity. Our agency has it all and more. Let us help your business take the next step.

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