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Project Overview

Our web design agency was tasked with transforming a pioneering AI development firm created by a former Facebook executive into a multi-national enterprise-level brand.

A corporate brand refresh powered by a custom WordPress, web design for a leader in AI privacy.

For the better part of two decades, we have helped businesses across Canada and the United States transition from a startup concept to enterprise-level corporations. Our experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes across virtually every industry imaginable is quite honestly second to none.

This year, we received an invitation to join a discovery call with an up and coming AI development house started by a former Facebook executive. With offices already in Toronto and San Francisco, the technology company grew faster than ever and ready to engage in a full-scale digital marketing campaign to carry their business to new heights. However, fully understanding the need for an engaging digital brand and professional-grade website, Parachute was invited to weigh in and help restructure the digital branding and create a new website to serve as the cornerstone of all the marketing efforts to follow.

SaaS Web Design for Integrate AI

Defining Our Website Design Goals

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The Web Design Process

Research and Strategy

The most important part of our web design process is the discovery and research phase. The core of our web strategy is based on our initial findings during this phase of the project. Learning more about the audience for which we’re creating the new website allows our web designers and developers to be better prepared to address existing pain points in the navigation and user experience. This methodology ensures that we can design a much friendlier and better-performing website for our clients.

We begin with a finely tuned project kick-off questionnaire to compile the necessary login information, data assets and internal brand goals and vision for the project. This exercise helps our team collect and organize vital information to begin our research.

We continue with a thorough competitor analysis to identify benchmarks in creative design and note search engine optimization opportunities with keyword gap research. We thoroughly study existing web analytics and heat mapping data to learn more about the people that currently visit the website and identify how they find the site, what actions they take and where the user engagement appears to be challenged on the website. Using this information, we compare the primary audience’s technology and screen resolutions to view the website. We can begin building a new sitemap to address current pain points and create a visual representation of the navigation flow through the website.

Following the site mapping exercise, we move ahead with wireframe design to create a blueprint of the information architecture and user journey throughout each website section. The wireframes are shared with project stakeholders using our best-in-class interactive prototyping and collaboration tool that allows decision-makers to view the user experience design in proper context and provide real-time actionable and informed feedback privately within our team. After working together to refine the wireframe design, we move forward to the creative web design phase.

Creative Website Interface Design

Hand-crafted digital branding.

An Ownable UI

Suppose the importance of wireframing was not entirely evident to our clients before exploring the design phase. In that case, the creative process drives the point home as we create the high fidelity page layouts for both desktop and mobile environments. Due to our close collaboration throughout the research and strategy phases, the marketing team at Integrate AI understood the reasoning and positioning behind the conceptual design work more entirely and made much more informed decisions when polishing and fine-tuning the interface.

Responsive WordPress Development for AI
Mobile Web Design for AI Mobile Website Design for AI

Similar to our wireframe review process, the website design concepts are posted to our digital prototyping tool to allow all project stakeholders to review the desktop and mobile design concepts in proper form and experience the differences in navigational experiences between the two platforms.

Our web development team is involved in the project from start to finish but plays a significant role in the creative design phase providing technical direction ensuring that our design team can focus on imagining functional design concepts that can be built in the real world for our clients.

Custom WordPress Development

Our development firm specializes in custom WordPress websites built from the ground up and tailored to each client’s unique needs. With more than 15 years of experience working with the world’s most popular content management system, we’ve mastered the art of delivering high-performance websites that are extremely user friendly and effective in powering our clients’ online marketing.

Our team continuously tests the website for performance and accuracy against the finalized design throughout the website development process to ensure that the beta release is on the mark and functioning as expected. Before releasing the website for client testing and review, we enter the website content and run through our final SEO checklist to make sure that every page has an optimized meta title and description and images are tagged appropriately for compliance and accessibility.

Before preparing the website for public launch, we stage the site for at least 48 hours to perform a final quality assurance check in the production environment to ensure the migration from the development environment didn’t create any unwanted bugs. With final launch approval from Integrate, we were able to schedule launch day.

Responsive Web Design for AI Firms
Shauna Mercy

“When it was time to redesign our website and revitalize our brand, we researched several prominent design firms – Parachute quickly became the natural choice. They’re a super talented bunch, fast and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be keeping Parachute in mind for future projects.” Logo
Shauna Mercy,

Marketing Manager, integrate AI

Website Launch

Early in the morning on launch day, our developers readied the new website for launch. We often perform website launches or large scale updates early in the morning while web traffic is low to ensure there is no interruption for viewers.

Following all websites’ deployment, we offer a full 60-days of complimentary website support and maintenance support that includes WordPress core software and plugin updates, performance monitoring, and any bug fixes within scope.

WordPress Training and SEO Best Practices

The last step in our journey with Integrate AI was to hand over the keys to their new website, but not without first training them on the custom WordPress platform. We schedule a video call with everyone working with the website and record the CMS demo for safekeeping so that staff can be trained easily down the line.

For good measure, we also discuss content management best practices, image optimization and go over guidelines for search engine optimization to ensure that the marketing team is making the best use of the tools now at their fingertips.

About Parachute Design

For nearly 20 years, Parachute Design has helped businesses big and small achieve marketing success through professionally crafted branding and website design. Our web design agency is widely recognized for its ability to blend creativity and functionality into seamless marketing tools for clients.

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Transforming a startup into a world-class brand requires experience and creativity. Our web design experts are trusted by some of the biggest brands in Canada and the US to help achieve marketing success.

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Let’s make something.

Transforming a startup into a world-class brand requires experience and creativity. Our web design experts are trusted by some of the biggest brands in Canada and the US to help achieve marketing success.

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