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Project Overview

Illumin, formerly known as Acuity Ads, is one of North America’s leaders in journey advertising. The agency offers a proprietary platform that provides the perfect space for journey planning, execution, and reporting – illumin is more than just a DSP.

Digital rebranding and custom ad agency website design for illumin.

Acuity Ads launched in 2009 with a revolutionary journey advertising platform designed to connect the marketer and the customer with a state-of-the-art ad technology platform. illumin allows marketers to take control of their marketing and meet customers where they are with real-time data alongside easy-to-use visual planning and reporting tools.

In 2023, Acuity Ads rebranded as illumin and our web design company was invited to play a key role in the digital rebranding of the ad agency with the expansion of the newly formed illumin brand identity and a custom WordPress website.

As always, no matter how big or small the project, our first step is a thorough discovery session to identify our client’s goals for the website and how their needs will dictate not just the final interface design and integrations but also how the website will be used on a day-to-day basis to market their business. This step includes key competitive analysis and SEO audit to ensure we kick off with a thorough project plan as we move into the strategy phase.

illumin – Custom Website Design for Ad Agencies

Website Design Goals

illumin – Web Design for Ad Agencies

The Web Design Process

Since 2003 Parachute has hand-crafted custom web design for technology companies across North America, honing our creative approach to deliver tailored marketing assets and digital experiences that move the needle for our clients. Our collaboration with illumin to redefine and create an ownable brand experience is a perfect example of our 6-step design process at work.

Following our in-depth discovery phase, our team dives into strategy with a new site map design aimed at simplifying the navigational experience throughout the new website. This is an opportunity to correct pain points within the current website and offer the viewer a much more user-friendly and intuitive navigational system.

Next up is UX design, also known as wireframing. The exercise in information architecture is a critical phase of the project as it provides an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with our designers and carefully craft the experience on every page within the new website to ensure all users find what they’re looking for quickly and understand the actions we want them to take throughout the user journey.

Responsive Platform Design

Adaptive control inside and out.

Creative UI Design

Once the UX design is finalized and ready for creative our team begins applying the new design system on top of the wireframes to create high-fidelity conceptual designs – all of which are prototyped in an interactive tool that allows project stakeholders to experience the website in desktop and mobile environments. Providing this real-world experience to decision-makers ensures they have every opportunity to review and audit the user interface design and make the most educated decisions before approving the designs for development.

We consider layout, form and function across all responsive environments to ensure consistency and parity throughout the design system. We also maintain complete control over the branded experience no matter which device the audience prefers to engage the website with.

Responsive web design for ad agencies – illumin
Mobile web design for ad agencies – illumin Mobile website design for ad agencies – illumin

WordPress Website Development

WordPress was our CMS of choice because it’s the most popular CMS in the world, powering nearly 40% of all websites online for two indisputable reasons. First and foremost, WordPress is open-source and extremely flexible, which allows our expert WordPress developers to tailor the CMS to deliver almost endless options for our clients. Second, the platform is so easy to use that we train new website owners on the CMS in less than 60 minutes in most cases.

Our custom approach to WordPress development allows for a rigid enough content management system to prevent most accidents but allows ample control and customization within each page layout to simply toggle page components on or off to create a variety of unique experiences throughout the entire website. Every pixel in the illumin website is accounted for across all responsive environments to provide a frictionless user experience to all audiences which also helps bolster the organic search engine performance of the site.

Tony Vlismas

We chose to engage Parachute for our corporate rebranding and website design project after noticing some other websites they’d created in the Toronto tech market. Working with Parachute was very relaxed and easy going because they were able to adapt to and address our ideas on the fly. I would highly recommend Parachute Design for anyone considering a website redesign.

Tony Vlismas,

VP of Marketing, illumin

CMS Demo and SEO Training

As we run through our pre-launch QA testing before we deploy the new site we conduct a guided CMS training session with project stakeholders to demo their new CMS platform. We offer this training session as a recorded screencast serving as an opportunity to walk web administrators through the various tools available in the new website. We also aim to foster familiarity with the CMS and provide time for the team ask questions related to the new website.

During the CMS demo, we also share our extensive experience managing websites of all shapes and sizes so that stakeholders understand the latest search engine optimization trends and strategies and proper graphic and media management to ensure the website ranks well for targeted search terms.

When we hand over the keys to the new site we aim to feel confident that our client is ready to get behind the wheel and take full advantage of the powerful new marketing tools we’ve crafted together.

For 60 days after launch, we offer end-to-end complimentary website maintenance and support that includes pre-scheduled maintenance and security updates, 24/7 performance monitoring and regular SEO health checks to ensure the new website is running at peak performance. Once this aftercare period runs its course, we tailor an individualized maintenance and support plan to support our client’s digital marketing tactics and help keep the website in good health.

Is your ad agency's website underperforming?

Enterprise-level website design and branding is challenging in today’s fast-paced advertising and tech industries. Delivering premium design that marries form and function requires experience and an untamed creative drive – we have both.

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Is your ad agency's website underperforming?

Enterprise-level website design and branding is challenging in today’s fast-paced advertising and tech industries. Delivering premium design that marries form and function requires experience and an untamed creative drive – we have both.

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