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Project Overview

Grab your gear and strap on your pack! We’ve launched a brand new website and brand refresh for the number one mobile app in North America for hunting and land management, Huntstand.

A complete brand refresh and experience design overhaul for North America’s number one hunting and land management app – Huntstand.

There’s something to be said about being connected to the land in the digital age. Huntstand offers just that and more. The top-performing hunting and land management application in North America provides users access to more real-time information than ever before. To coincide with some significant updates within the application, we’re partnered with Terrastride to refresh the Huntstand brand, craft a brand new custom WordPress website design and conduct a user experience audit of the mobile application.

The outdoor lifestyle and connection to the land don’t strike the same chord in everyone, but in this case, working with Huntstand to deliver a whole new high-end brand experience across various media was a labour of love. You know when a designer connects with the work on a personal level, amazing things begin to unfold.

In this case, that’s just what happened.

Huntstand Mobile App Website Design

Website Design Goals

Web Design for Wildlife Conservation - Huntstand

The Web Design Process

Website Strategy and UX Design

A typical mobile app website is relatively straightforward. Information is concise and flashy images of the application in action grab users’ attention and encourage them to download the app.

In this case, however, we approached the web design process with broader goals in focus as Huntstand isn’t just offering a mobile app – they’re offering industry-leading content for hunters and land management experts across Canada and the United States.

We conducted a full UX audit on the current website to address several pain points shared during stakeholder interviews with technical and marketing teams within the parent company, Terrastride.

With everything on the table, combined with user data and performance metrics gathered during our Discovery phase, our creative team went to work rethinking the website experience from top to bottom for a mix of casual users, pro users and information seekers. Offering a carefully curated experience throughout each user journey within the website resolved the pain points experienced by users and shared by management and set the stage for the creative UI design process that would follow.

Responsive UI Design

Adaptive interface design for all environments.

Creative UI Design

With a brand new UX strategy freshly minted, our creative web design team rolled up their sleeves and got to work on a new conceptual design for the Huntstand website. Combining two decades of professional web design experience with a passion for connecting with the land gave birth to a high-fidelity design system that elevated the Huntstand brand to new heights and instantly cultivated renewed excitement within the Terrastride team.



Responsive UI Design for Hunstand
Mobile-friendly UI Design for Hunstand Responsive Wildlife Conservation Web Design

After collecting stakeholder feedback, we pushed the design concept forward, weaving it throughout each wireframe created in the earlier UX strategy exercise. As a result, the new design system lends itself to a highly optimized and engaging mobile experience offering subtle but impactful user interactions and animations throughout the user journey.

After seeing the new design system in action, the Huntstand team was so in love with the new direction that we began working together to extend the new brand across the mobile application and sales and marketing material for the upcoming hunting season.

Our design experts extended the refreshed brand through digital marketing materials for display ads, content-rich email and sales presentations that could easily be customized for individual pitches or potential customers.

Custom WordPress Design for Recreational Brand - Hunstand

Once the new website design was fully approved for development, our UX designers began work on a top to bottom UX audit of the Huntstand app. Conveniently, this coincided with hunting season allowing our lead designer to use the app in the field during his hunts to get an authentic feel and understanding of the application’s capabilities and make meaningful improvements to push the experience over the top.

After sharing the user experience audit with the development team at Huntstand, we worked together to develop a design strategy to implement an iterative approach to user experience improvements. The updates could be timed with the new functions and features rollout while integrating core elements from the new website design. This process allows the development team to systematically integrate improvements and design updates without having to do the heavy lifting of rethinking the application in one pass. In addition, the integrated design system connects the application, website and marketing materials under a unified brand that conveys confidence and pride within each user.

Media Center Design for Huntstand Website

Custom WordPress Development

Not all sites are created equal. With two decades of experience developing high-performance websites that convert casual visitors into paying customers, our web development agency carefully planned and executed a fully customized WordPress-driven website with complete content control to our client.

Working with the Terrastride development team and an external digital advertising agency, our WordPress developers created a system to extend Huntstand’s content management capabilities. The new platform would also add layers of digital advertising and revenue-producing management to the website’s backend and improve control over search engine optimization of individual pages. These steps ensure the new site will support Huntstand now and into the future as its needs continue to evolve and grow.

Perhaps the new website’s most important and engaging area is the newly integrated media center aptly named “Field Notes.” This area of the website features nearly a decade’s worth of high-value information and video content for hunters and land management experts across all regions and geographies that North America has to offer.

The content included in Field Notes was carefully migrated from a previously external source to help maximize search engine visibility and increase Huntstand’s ability to drive targeted advertising throughout the website to generate revenue and increase community engagement, all while keeping the industry-leading app in full view.

Let’s make something.

Well-executed UX strategy and UI design don’t happen overnight. It takes experience, patience and a generous amount of creativity to build websites that convert.

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Let’s make something.

Well-executed UX strategy and UI design don’t happen overnight. It takes experience, patience and a generous amount of creativity to build websites that convert.

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