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Project Overview

Creating a new digital brand and website design for the baby sister of Toronto’s top beauty and plastic surgery clinic.

Weaving glamour and design into a beautiful new website design for Toronto’s newest beauty clinic.

MD Beauty Clinic is the brand new baby sister of Toronto’s renowned Plastic Surgery Clinic. As the clinic has grown, the non-surgical and beauty offerings have found a new home under the all-new MD Beauty Clinic in Toronto. Having enjoyed a long-standing partnership with The Plastic Surgery Clinic, our Toronto Web Design Agency was relied on to bring the new beauty clinic brand to life. The task was not as straight-forward as a typical web design project, however. To carry over the brand equity and maintain the trusted relationship between the well known Plastic Surgery Clinic, the new website user interface design and user experience needed to be true to the existing PSC brand.

Working closely with our shared search engine optimization and marketing automation partners, we pushed forward with the project to bring the new beauty clinic to life and ready for business.

Determining Our We Design and Branding Goals

Website Design for Medical Clinic in Toronto - MD Beauty Clinic

Our Web Design Process

Initial Discovery

Having enjoyed a long-standing relationship with MD Beauty Clinic’s parent company for several years, our discovery session was a little different in this project. Rather than starting fresh, we had a strong working knowledge of our client and their audience. This foundation was important for our Toronto Web Designers to rely on as creating a website for a new business carries with it unique challenges as there are no website analytics or user data for our team to study and form a website design strategy upon.

In this case, our team was fortunate in that we could borrow existing data and analytics from the parent website and accurately form a strategic website design plan to present and move forward with as a collective.

Beauty Clinic Web Design for MD Beauty Clinic

Web Design Strategy

With all our ducks in a row from our discovery session, our web design team began work on preparing the site map for the new website. The site map would serve as a foundational plan for the overall user experience and navigation design within the website.

Following approval of the site map, our Toronto Web Developers joined the mix, and we began with the structural plans for the website known as wireframing. With the aid of wireframes, we can showcase conceptual information architecture design to our clients in live context using a cloud-based prototyping tool. The tool also allows all team members to openly share feedback and stay on top of progress throughout the project, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.

Mobile Website Design

Quick and easy access anywhere.

Design that fits in the palm of your hand.

During the creative web design phase, our focus shifts to the mobile experience offered throughout the website. In the case of MD Beauty Clinic, we understand that the audience would be mostly female due to the nature of the business and also tipping the mobile usage scale more than a traditional B2C (business to consumer) website. With these essential details in mind, establishing a fast and easy to navigate mobile user interface design was paramount to the success of the website as a marketing tool for our client. The information-to-conversion process had to be direct, efficient and clear. To achieve this, we opted to integrate the website with a third party scheduling platform powerful enough to display available services and appointment timeslots in real-time to prevent double-booking and provide users with the most personal and accurate experience.

Responsive Web Design for MD Beauty Clinic
Mobile Web Design for MD Beauty Clinic Mobile Website Design for MD Beauty Clinic

Website Design for Health & Beauty Clinic

With the approval of the wireframes for design, our Toronto Web Design Agency kicks into high gear. This step in the project is by far the most fun, and the moment everyone on both sides of the metaphoric table waits for. During the creative design phase, our web design specialists take the architectural blueprints ironed out during the strategy phase and weave the brand’s glamour and beauty into high fidelity mockups. These layouts are also shared with our client using the cloud-based prototyping tool to provide natural context when viewing both desktop and mobile design concepts.

Custom WordPress Website Development

We opted for custom WordPress development to provide the MD Beauty Clinic team with the most current and flexible online marketing platform upon which they can build their new business. Given the clinic was not a startup; more of a growth-inspired division of a very successful existing business our web design company felt strongly that a highly customizable and flexible backend would serve the business for years to come. WordPress would offer the agile and malleable foundation that most new businesses require to build upon and evolve quickly without significant intervention or design overhaul.

Elizabeth Lista

Parachute Design is by far the best web design agency I have ever worked with. Jay is enormously thorough and attentive. He is a big-picture thinker, but also incredible at managing the project from the most complex to the smallest of details. Parachute is a fantastic web design team, and I would highly recommend Parachute to any business looking for an excellent website.

MD Beauty Clinic
Elizabeth Lista,

Marketing Director, MD Beauty Clinic

Website Deployment

Following our tried and true quality assurance process, the website was approved for staging with one of our favourite managed WordPress hosting partners. We sincerely believe in staging a new website for at least two full days before deployment as no two hosting environments are the same, and sometimes websites behave in different ways after migration. By taking a soft-launch approach and staging the website first, we allow the website to settle into its new home.

About Parachute Design

For nearly 20 years, Parachute Design has been creating successful medical and healthcare website design in Toronto. Our web design company has the experience and creativity to tailor a website design to meet our clients’ unique needs. Contact our Toronto web design agency at 416-901-8633 or complete our online proposal planner to get a quote for your business.

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Juggling website design, strategy, search engine optimization and custom WordPress development requires experience. Let our Toronto web designers help your clinic take the next step.

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