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Project Overview

Following an international rebrand in 2023, our agency partnered with L’Arche Canada to design and develop a new Canada-wide platform to support the organization’s digital marketing and communications, as well as community-level microsite theme that could be easily deployed by the marketing team to onboard new communities across Canada while maintaining brand consistency.

Custom WordPress website design for a nation-wide non-profit organization.

Our web design team has enjoyed working with non-profit organizations across Canada and the United States for many years. The opportunity to work with L’Arche Canada posted an interesting challenge for our team as the organization required a new primary website to deploy the new brand identity and govern all communities across Canada. Additionally, a re-usable microsite theme was required with more granular, community-based features that could be easily replicated and deployed by the marketing team as more than 30 individual community groups would be onboarded over 2024.

Seizing the opportunity to work through this challenge, our design and development team worked closely with the L’Arche Canada marketing and technical leads to develop a strategic plan that would serve as our roadmap to success. As always, the first step in our web design process is clearly defining the purpose and goals for the project.

Not for Profit Community Web Design for L'Arche Canada

Website Design Goals

Non Profit Web Design for L'Arche Canada

The Web Design Process

Kicking off with a thorough discovery session to analyze the new brand identity and web analytics from the previous iteration of the website helped our creative team put together a thorough plan to make navigational and functional improvements in the new website to better communicate with L’Arche Canada’s audience. Understanding who is using the website, what information they’re most interested in, as well as what challenges they have navigating the current website are key areas of interest that guide our designers in making foundational decisions for the creative work ahead. Establishing benchmarks for technology and common screen resolutions used by the audience is also key in crafting a new design system that adapts and responds to the needs of the people using the website.

Once our strategy is formed, our design team conducts a thorough wireframing exercise to carefully explore and build a new information architecture within each unique type of page in the new website. The UX design process allowed our web designers to prototype and present contextual page layouts to illustrate the user journey and overall experience to L’Arche stakeholders so that they could review and understand our recommendations for the foundation of the new website.

By offering a working prototype of the wireframes, the general user experience, flow and conversion strategy throughout the site could be thoroughly tested and new ideas and strategies could be collectively discussed and refined before we moved into the creative phase. This collaborative process ensured that all stakeholders had input on the direction of the new website.

A responsive browsing experience for all users.

Mobile interface design.

Mobile-friendly Web Design

With wireframe approval from the brand stakeholders, our web designers dove in to crafting a bold, new custom user-interface design concept to bring the new brand identity to life. Special attention and adjustments were openly discussed along the way to ensure accessibility compliance and improve the general experience for all users with varying visual and cognitive challenges. Working closely with the L’Arche marketing team to fine-tune the interface design, all the custom wireframe layouts and design elements were refined to perfection.

Responsive Non-Profit Web Design for L'Arche Canada
Mobile Web Design for Non Profit Organizations - L'Arche Canada Mobile Website Design for Not for Profit Organizations - L'Arche Canada

Once the L’Arche team had given our designers the official greenlight with the conceptual design work, we worked diligently on expanding the newly formed design system across all responsive environments to ensure a fully adaptive experience for all users across desktop and contemporary mobile and touchscreen devices. This design methodology allowed the marketing team to experience the new website design in context for each unique part of the user journey planned within the website and make educated decisions before the first line of code was written.

With final artwork approved, the project focus shifted to our leading WordPress developers to bring their skill and experience to the table and bring all of the high-fidelity page designs into fully compliant and engaging, pixel-perfect code. Working in tandem, a front-end developer crafts the final HTML and CSS templates while the WordPress developer creates a custom WordPress CMS tailored to meet the specific needs of the L’Arche team. Our custom WordPress approach reduces reliance on third-party plugins and eliminates the need for clunky page builders that result in a high performing, well-optimized website that is ready to compete with organic SEO as soon as the site goes live.

Our custom approach to CMS development ensures that our clients have complete control and confidence in managing their website after we hand over the keys allowing them to maximize their organizations marketing strategy and improve their return on investment.

Warren Pot

The personal approach, attention to detail, responsiveness and the team’s willingness to listen to our needs were the most impressive aspects of working with Parachute. Jay and his team offered suggestions and worked collaboratively with our team when we had new ideas or adjustments to our project plan. I was very impressed with the design of the website from start to finish – they took the time to research our industry and the nature of our sector to give us a truly beautiful new website for our organization.

L'Arche Canada Logo
Warren Pot,

Director of Communications, L'Arche Canada

Once the primary website was released in beta, our team quickly rolled out the community website alongside for tandem quality assurance testing and CMS training. Within an hour the L’Arche team was off to the races with the new CMS building new pages and experiences in preparation for launch day.

During pre-launch, we staged the websites for final content edits and put the websites through a final round of QA testing to make sure all content was in the right place, and all functions were operating correctly. The last step prior to launch was a top-to-bottom AODA and WCAG compliance audit to ensure the new websites were fully compliant upon roll out.

We deployed the websites before sunrise to allow sufficient time for the launch day dust to settle before the business day kicks into gear and web traffic ramps up. Our team then rolls out the final 301 redirect strategy to ensure there are no broken links and transition to a supporting role while the new website begins indexing in search engines. This servers as the official beginning of our complementary post-launch 60-day aftercare which includes two months of full maintenance, software updates and security and compliance audits while we monitor the success new site.

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Creating an accessible and engaging non-profit website design that communicates easily with your audience requires experience and creativity. Book a call with our team and learn how we can help your non-profit organization grow.

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