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Responsive e-Commerce Website Design

e-commerce is often one of the most important parts of a modern online business. In many cases today, businesses depend solely on online sales of their product or service without the need of a brick and mortar shop, which means good responsive e-commerce website design is critical. The connected world we live in allows for a seamless shopping experience right from your living room, connecting the warehouse to your front door. Toronto businesses looking to offer e-commerce on their website have several decisions to make prior to deploying their latest web design.

Website Security is Paramount

Making online purchases still carries a security stigma and rightly so. Proper e-commerce website design and development requires a great many pieces. Perhaps the most important is a secure foundation.

On the Server Side – A secure and dependable web hosting service is a must. No matter how well coded your website might be, if your host server is riddled with security issues, your e-commerce website is vulnerable to attack.

User Interface & Clear Communication

As with any website, the user interface on your e-Commerce website must communicate clearly and effectively with your customers as they navigate through their shopping experience. Not only should great effort be made to offer a professional e-commerce website design that is engaging, but time and attention should be allotted for clearly outlining important information like shipping details or terms and conditions related to purchases made on the e-commerce website. These pieces of information should be displayed prominently or offered through clear navigational pathways to avoid buyer confusion or unhappy customers later on.


Branding and Website Design for Food & Beverage Company – Dick Duffs

Instant Live Customer Support

If you’re operating an e-Commerce website instant support with a live person is critical. Not only will customers often have questions about your product or service prior to buying, those that have already made purchases may have questions about related products, features, their order details, or even shipping and returns. Even though customers prefer to browse your products from the comfort of their home, they still require a touch of the age old in-store “can I help you with something?”

Product or Service Reviews

Real customer reviews go a long way. An e-Commerce website that offers legitimate customer reviews on your products or services will almost always outperform those sites that do not. Word of mouth references have historically been the best marketing tool for businesses and online reviews are no different. Even if you received sub-par reviews, it is important to publish them to your website. Negative reviews can often put positive reviews in context and help offer a more trustworthy experience on your e-commerce website. Building trust and consumer confidence will ultimately increase the conversion and sales rate on your website.

Responsive Ecommerce Website Design is a Must

E-commerce trends have evolved just as quickly as website design and development. If you offer an online shopping experience on your website, it must be accessible on all types of electronic devices, from cell phones and tablets to laptop computers. Many people will make purchases on their tablet or mobile phone whether they’re on the couch or out with friends. Professional responsive website design is a must not only for mobile commerce but for SEO and for user experience as well.

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Branding and Web Design for Food & Beverage Products – Dick Duffs

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Complete brand development including logo design, package design and e-commerce website design and development for an organic beef jerky startup.

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