Jay Eckert, R.G.D., C.G.D.

Jay has been a staple in the Toronto web design industry for more than 19 years sharing his experience and expertise with some of North America’s most exciting brands to revitalize and maximize their digital marketing potential. As a trusted creative thinker and search engine optimization aficionado, Jay leads both the creative and development teams at Parachute taking every project from strategy through deployment.

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Jay Eckert, R.G.D.

Jay's Recent Articles

The Rise of User Centered Web Design

UI/UX Design, Web Design 7 min

The Rise of User Centered Web Design

Understanding User Centered Design Principles to Build a Successful Website When designing a website, the external forces that sculpt the web design process are paramount. These include the client, the unique project requirements, and the changes and trends in web development technology and web design trends. But there’s a new business strategy impacting the design […]

Ultimate Security Guide

WordPress 23 min

The 4 Pillars of WordPress Security

WordPress Security Best Practices for 2022 43% of websites use WordPress as their content management system (CMS). WordPress is the top choice for most WordPress website owners when it comes to selecting a content management system, but as the world’s most popular CMS and vast market share, attackers are heavily focused on targeting WordPress sites. […]

Responsive Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

UI/UX Design, Web Design 6 min

9 Common Responsive Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you have a website, whether it is for your business or a simple blog, it needs to be responsive. Responsive websites are essential to obtain and retain visitors on your site. However, too many websites feature responsive web design mistakes with the consequence of reduced traffic and conversions. Switching to a mobile-first mindset is […]

Why web designers should switch from px to rem

Resources 7 min

Why Designers Should Switch From PX to REM

Take Control of The Responsive Experience With REM If you’ve read our article on the new era of responsive web design, you’ll know that change is upon us. Web design is changing, and an all-inclusive community and a focus on user-centered design are driving this change. It now seems that this new trend has also […]

eCommerce Web Design Best Practices

Resources, Web Design 13 min

eCommerce Web Design Best Practices for 2022

The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce Website Design Best Practices in 2022 Whether your eCommerce business sells tangible products or intangibles like software or consulting services, you need to ensure that you have a strong online presence that relies on best practices. With so much competition in the eCommerce space, there are some challenges to overcome […]

How SEO Will Change in 2022

SEO 5 min

How SEO Will Change in 2022

9 Ways SEO Will Change In 2022 Every year, Google makes over three thousand algorithm changes, that inherently influence SEO best practices. Although most of these algorithm changes are small, the significant changes can potentially cause a noticeable shift in your rankings. Understanding how SEO will change in 2022 and how you can improve your site’s […]


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