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Jay Eckert, R.G.D., C.G.D.

Jay has been a staple in the Toronto web design industry for more than 20 years sharing his experience and expertise with some of North America’s most exciting brands to revitalize and maximize their digital marketing potential. As a trusted creative thinker and search engine optimization aficionado, Jay leads both the creative and development teams at Parachute taking every project from strategy through deployment.

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Jay Eckert, R.G.D., C.G.D

Jay's Recent Articles

How to Fix the Content Wider Than Screen Error

SEO 7 min

How to Fix the “Content Wider Than Screen” Error

The Quick and Easy Fix for “Content Wider Than Screen” Error Have you ever experienced the frustration of browsing a website on your mobile device only to encounter content that just won’t fit on the screen? This is one of the most common mobile usability errors reported in Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). […]

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite

WordPress 17 min

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite: The Complete Guide to Managing a WordPress Network Do you run multiple WordPress websites? Using WordPress Multisite may save you time and money and is one of the best solutions for managing multiple WordPress websites or versions of your website in different regions or languages. WordPress Multisite is a WordPress installation that enables […]

Why web designers should switch from px to rem

Resources, Web Design 8 min

How to Convert PX to REM

Take Control of The Responsive Experience With REM Ever struggled to make your website look great on different devices? Tired of dealing with fixed, inflexible measurements? It’s time to embrace REM units! This powerful tool can revolutionize your web design process, making it more accessible, responsive, and user-friendly. Harness a whole new level of design […]

The Ultimate Website Redesign Checklist

SEO, Web Design 12 min

The Ultimate Website Redesign SEO Checklist

Can a Website Redesign Affect SEO? If your existing website is starting to feel outdated or isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you’ll want to implement a website redesign. While focusing on your new website content and aesthetics, you must also pay careful attention to SEO. Following the right website redesign SEO process is […]

Google PageSpeed Insights

Resources, SEO 10 min

How to Boost Your Site Speed with Google PageSpeed Insights (2023 Guide)

Optimization techniques to improve site speed are at your finger tips. In the digital world, speed is everything. A fast-loading website not only enhances user experience and boosts conversion rates but also improves SEO rankings. So, are you ready to supercharge your website’s performance? Let’s dive into the world of Google PageSpeed Insights and discover […]

Project Magi: Google's AI-Powered Search

SEO 4 min

Project Magi: Google’s AI-Powered Search

Google is Making a Major Change to Its Search Engine Google has been at the forefront of search engine technology for many years, and it continues to innovate and shape our understanding of the search engine with its latest creation: Google Magi. This new search engine technology promises to change the landscape of search engine […]


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