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Jay Eckert, R.G.D., C.G.D.

Jay has been a staple in the Toronto web design industry for more than 20 years sharing his experience and expertise with some of North America’s most exciting brands to revitalize and maximize their digital marketing potential. As a trusted creative thinker and search engine optimization aficionado, Jay leads both the creative and development teams at Parachute taking every project from strategy through deployment.

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Jay Eckert, R.G.D., C.G.D

Jay's Recent Articles

Will AI Take Over Web Design and Development?

Web Design 6 min

Will AI Take Over Web Design and Development?

The Rise of AI In The World Of Web Design & Development Artificial intelligence has quickly found its way into the world of web development. Gone are the days of relying solely on a web developer to handle your website tasks. Now, there’s the possibility of robots and AI-powered automation tools doing these tasks instead. […]

Building a Brand

Branding 19 min

Building A Brand

11 Brand Building Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness Building a brand is essential to running a business and is integral to your marketing strategies. Every marketing manager, brand manager, and business owner must know what branding is and how to build a brand that people easily recognize. When it’s easy for people to recognize a […]

Responsive Web Design Best Practices

Resources, Web Design 14 min

Responsive Web Design Best Practices

The Ultimate Tips, Tricks, and Responsive Web Design Best Practices for 2023 Mobile devices have taken over— as of December 2022, 54.46% of Internet users access websites on mobile devices in one form or another. If your website isn’t accessible on mobile devices, you’re way behind curve. It seems impossible in this day and age, but I still encounter non-responsive […]

When to Consider a Website Redesign

SEO, Web Design 18 min

When to Consider a Website Redesign

How do you know when it’s time for a website redesign? Are you happy with your website’s performance? It may have served your business well when it was fresh and new, but with time, things change. A website redesign can give your company or brand a new lease on life, as your marketing needs have […]

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

WordPress 13 min

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

Why You Should Invest in a Custom WordPress Website A question we’re asked all the time is How much does a WordPress website cost? This is a question more than half of all website owners will face when they start a new business and launch a website or consider upgrading their existing website because WordPress is […]

Strategies for Marketing During a Recession

Resources 10 min

Marketing During A Recession

Why You Should Continue Marketing During a Recession It’s no secret that the global economy is facing a recession in 2023. What does an economic downturn mean for your business, and how will that impact your marketing budget? It means you have to cut back on spending to stay afloat in some cases, but is […]


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