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Project Overview

Our Toronto web design company leads a corporate rebrand and website design overhaul with a global leader of project management software for architects and engineers.

Taking a bold new direction with a corporate website redesign for a global leader in architectural project management software.

In 2017 Newforma underwent significant personnel changes at the management level. Soon after the new management team acclimated themselves within the international company, changes began rolling through the organisation from the top down. Leaner and ready to rebrand, Newforma contacted our Toronto web design company several months in advance of their rebranding initiative to discuss working together and begin building a website design strategy.

Following several initial meetings and conversations about the new direction for the project management software company our team prepared an initial project scope and laid the groundwork for the discovery and strategy work that would follow.

Establishing Website Design Goals

Web Design for Professional Firms - Newforma

Our Web Design for SaaS Process

Discovery and Strategy

The best place to start discovery is with the client. Our web design company relies on a kick-off questionnaire that we’ve developed and fine-tuned over the years. The survey is designed to allow our creative team insight into the history of our client’s business, as well as their future vision and brand marketing plans. As our clients progress through the kick-off questionnaire, we also present them with a series of questions that are designed to discreetly allow the reader a break from the more serious discussion and think of themselves and their business as everyday items, such as a shoe, or type of car. These questions are particularly relevant to our discovery as they give us a unique perspective on how our clients envision their business and themselves on a very personal level. The information we collect helps form the creative direction to follow later on in the project.

Another critical element to our discovery work is website analytics. Most businesses now have Google Analytics installed, but for those that do not, we often install the tracking code before commencing the project to enable our professional website designers to understand who is currently using the existing website, how they’re finding it and what information they’re accessing the most within the website. The analytics data offers us a pretty accurate look at how the current website design is performing both in terms of user experience and organic search.

Web Design for Software Company - Newforma

Following our initial discovery work, we move into our website design strategy phase. Using a combination of our web design experience and information collected during our discovery phase we begin building a new sitemap. The sitemap functions as a visual representation for our clients to understand where each page in the new website design will live, but also how everything is connected and where we’ve identified shortcomings in the current website experience and how we intend to correct them.

With sitemap approval, we move on to wireframe design as the next stage in our website design strategy phase. During wireframing, we begin to develop an initial blueprint for the new website architecture and page layouts. Referring to our discovery and earlier strategy work we begin to determine the new user flow and conversion strategy that will drive the new website’s success rate. This step in our strategy phase is where the excitement often begins to build for our clients as they start seeing the new website take shape. The website wireframes are loaded into our prototyping platform allowing both our team and our clients to experience the redesigned navigational experience as well as markup the layouts with sketches, comments and collaborative discussion.

Hand-crafted UI Design

It makes a difference.

Corporate Website User Interface Design

After finalising the wireframes and with approval from the client, our creative team digs in for the most exciting part of any website design project – the creative design phase. In Newforma’s case, the new website featured a full brand overhaul showcasing more intuitive and efficient navigation, stronger colour palette, high-quality photography and video to boot.

As with the wireframe review, the new website design was placed on our prototyping tool giving Newforma a real sense of the revamped experience created for the new website. Through this collaborative process, our teams worked together to refine and polish the all-new website design concept before expanding the concept across the full set of wireframes.

Software Company Website Design - Newforma

A key challenge we faced during the interface design phase on this project was the introduction of the new features and ideas mid-way through the project. This type of occurrence is not unusual and relying on our years of experience we were able to quickly gauge and adapt to the changes and interweave these into the emerging website design.

Of significant note, these changes included dynamic navigation and rich-content elements primarily focused on the home page. Most notably, the addition of a smart interactive geo-location-based map designed to showcase Newforma case studies in the viewers’ native region.

Mobile Website Design

Adapting to all scenarios.

Everything in the Palm of Your Hand

Following approval of the desktop interface design, our team divides and begins on front-end website development and mobile responsive web design simultaneously. This process allows us to be much more efficient regarding delivering high-quality website design on a tighter timeline than many other web design agencies in Toronto and abroad. As our development team begins on the groundwork for the desktop user interfaces, our creative team begins adapting the approved creative for the mobile experience and once again shares the design work with our client via our prototyping.

Responsive LMS Design
Mobile Web Design for Tech Companies - Newforma Mobile Website Design for Tech Companies - Newforma

Custom WordPress Website Development

Website development is the final major stage of our project workflow. At this stage, our client often gets a reprieve from the review and approval process as our web development team works away at integrating the new website design with the WordPress content management system. All of our websites are entirely custom-built to offer the most intuitive and efficient website management system to pair nicely with a beautiful new design.

As the Newforma website required multi-language support, our team first developed the English version of the website for initial beta release to ensure all functionality was thoroughly tested and ready for deployment. Following a course of testing and quality assurance with both our web development team and Newforma’s marketing and information technology personnel, we implemented the additional language support for users in France and Germany.

What our client had to say...

We can't make this stuff up!

“Having worked with Parachute previously, it was an easy decision to partner again when I landed at Newforma. Parachute is masterful with communication and timelines. They will go to work for you immediately and communicate a timeline and delivery schedule to keep the project moving forward. Getting quick turns from them is common, however, I have never experienced Parachute missing a promised deadline, or being anything less than responsive and professional. Parachute will work quickly to understand your target market and how to deliver information to your audience. Parachute was also very flexible throughout the web design and development process – even as our needs changed throughout the project. I would highly recommend Parachute Design to any business seeking website design services. They have earned my respect and business for life; use them once and they will earn yours.”

Leslie Garrett, Ph.D.
V.P. of Marketing

In addition to the development of a new custom WordPress theme and backend admin system, our web developers were tasked with the integration of Newforma’s marketing automation platform, Marketo. To create a completely seamless experience our design and development team worked together to customise the appearance and presentation of the lead generation forms within the website to maintain a consistent brand experience and conversion funnel within the website.

Near the end of our web development phase, our content entry experts joined forces with our web developers to maximise the on-site search engine optimization efforts ensuring the new website would go to market with its best foot forward.

Website Deployment

With Newforma’s approval for launch, our website design and development team pushed the new website to the staging server on the managed WordPress hosting platform. After ensuring the website was stable and passed all launch checks, we rolled the site out to production with a smooth launch.

In most website deployments, we prefer to take a ‘soft launch’ approach to give the website a couple of days to cache and run on the production server. This method allows our team to monitor the website for efficiency carefully and address any last minute bugs or server-related issues before announcing the new website to the public.

Web Design for B2B Technology Companies
Website Design for B2B Software Companies
Web Design for B2B Technology Companies
Web Design for B2B Software Companies

The new B2B Website Design for Newforma features more than 20 unique web page designs and user-activated modal features that are all fully responsive to tablet and mobile environments.

Let's make something.

Working with global companies to implement changes in digital branding and website user interface design requires experience, patience and creativity. Let our team of professional website designers help launch your digital marketing campaign.

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Website Design Case Study for Insurance Company in Toronto – Navigators Insurance


Navigators Insurance

Let's make something.

Working with global companies to implement changes in digital branding and website user interface design requires experience, patience and creativity. Let our team of professional website designers help launch your digital marketing campaign.

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