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Project Overview

A deep dive into decades of website analytics to drive a complete website design overhaul for an industry leader reaching the century club.

Custom website design and WordPress development for a leader in healthcare distribution across Canada, Kohl & Frisch Ltd.

Kohl & Frisch has celebrated more than 100 years in business across Canada. Over the last century, the company has grown into the leader of healthcare distribution services in Canada. Our Toronto Web Design Agency presented a strategic digital marketing and web design plan to the company as the core of a new initiative to revamp and revitalize the corporation’s digital presence.

After vetting our Toronto Web Design Company and learning more about our experience in professional website design for manufacturing companies, Kohl & Frisch signed on with our web design team to undertake the website design and development project.

Determining The Web Design Goals

Website Design for Distribution Companies - Kohl & Frisch Ltd.

Our Website Design for Manufacturing Companies Process

Project Discovery

Our work with Kohl & Frisch began as usual with all our website design clientele. Both teams met at Kohl & Frisch’s corporate headquarters just north of Toronto, Ontario for an initial kickoff meeting. Our first order of business was to discuss existing pain points experienced by the website management team as well as reports from their customer base. Using this information, we worked together to create a website redesign plan together to combat and solve the issues present within the ageing website.

Additionally, we worked together through our proprietary kickoff questionnaire to help define the project goals, brand vision and design direction for the website before doing a deep dive into the website analytics to understand how customers are typically finding and engaging with the current website.

Web Design for Distribution Companies - Kohl & Frisch Ltd.

Web Design Strategy

Our tried and true web design strategy phase is where all website design projects begin to come together in a more tangible or visual sense. This part of the project is where our clients truly start feeling involved in the web design process and begin to take ownership of important decisions to move forward. Our website design strategy began with a group site mapping exercise to fully map out the navigation design in the new website and where every page will live in the new navigational structure. This phase of the project serves a critical role in solving many of the typical problems we uncover with older websites based on our discovery work with our clients.

Once the new navigational experience and site map is approved, we move on to the next step in our website design strategy, which is wireframing. Wireframing is often a turning point in the project as this phase allows our Toronto Web Designers to showcase the new page architecture designs to our clients. We utilize an interactive prototyping tool that allows everyone to view the plans in an actual web browsing context. Wireframing offers the group an opportunity to sandbox new ideas quickly and easily without the distraction of design. This practice ensures that the design phase runs smoothly and revisions are limited to prevent the overall website design concept from coming off the rails.

Mobile User Interface Design

Hand-crafted for every scenario.

Responsive Website Design

With the approval of the web design strategy documents from the client, our website designers transition from strategy to design mode and begin applying a modern new user interface design over top of the wireframes. This collection of conceptual design work is also shared with the group using a cloud-based prototyping tool to offer everyone a contextual look at how the new website design will look and behave in the desktop and mobile browser environments.

Responsive Web Design for Manufacturing Companies - Kohl & Frisch Ltd.
Mobile Website Design for Distribution Companies - Kohl & Frisch Ltd. Mobile Web Design for Distribution Companies - Kohl & Frisch Ltd.

Providing an opportunity to review, critique and approve website design artwork in context not only provides our clients with a true sense of our creative plan together but also eliminates the need for additional rounds of design revisions or last-minute design oversights. This process allows us to keep web design projects, moving forward on time and budget.

Custom WordPress Web Development

Immediately after completing the creative web design phase of the project, our developers sprang to life as the new user interface design was packaged up and delivered to them for implementation. Our highly skilled team of Toronto WordPress Developers makes quick and efficient work of projects like this by dividing and conquering. Tackling both front-end HTML development and back-end custom WordPress Development, the new website came to life in no time.

Following content entry in both English and French our quality assurance stage began to smooth out any final wrinkles in the content or website design and functionality before preparing to stage the new website for final user testing and client review.

Eric Frisch

“We researched many web design companies in Toronto before realizing Parachute was the only company to personify the combination of clean design and originality our company needed. It’s exceedingly rare to find a site that is simple and intuitive but also has a distinct look and feel. That’s why we chose Parachute, which certainly delivered on that promise. In addition to building us a beautiful website, the team was lightning-fast to respond to our requests. Parachute worked with us on a lot of different design ideas and concepts and provided great direction to us about how to modernize the look of our site while staying true to our desire for simplicity. It was truly great working with them. We would highly recommend Parachute to anyone looking for a clean, contemporary website.”

Kohl & Frisch Ltd. Logo
Eric Frisch,

Marketing Manager, Kohl & Frisch Ltd.

Carefully Executed WordPress Website Deployment

Launching any website has its unique challenges, whether that requires a hosting change or more thorough understanding of redirect history. Working together with our preferred managed WordPress hosting platform, our technical team made short work of the website deployment.

With all website deployments, we recommend our clients follow a careful ‘soft launch’ strategy. This workflow gives the new website a chance to settle into its new server and allows our team to monitor the website for any new wrinkles or bugs that arise due to the change in environment. During the staging of the new website, we can be sure that all activity is hidden from public view until everyone is ready to roll the new web design down the ramp and out into the open.

WordPress Training and Best Practice Review for SEO

Following the launch of the new website, before officially handing over the keys to our client we conduct a group screen share session to demo the custom WordPress install and discuss best practices for content management and search engine optimization. This stage in our project ensures that once we hand over the new website to our clients, they are comfortable and confident in managing their brand new website, as well as taking steps to ensure its health and performance for years to come.

About Parachute Design

Parachute Design has been hand-crafting professional website design for manufacturing and distribution companies in Toronto and across North America since 2003. Our professional web design designers have the creativity and experience to deliver tailored web solutions to meet the unique needs of any business. To get a free web design quote for your business, call our Toronto web design agency at 416-901-8633 or complete our online proposal planner.

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Creating industry-leading web design for the manufacturing and distribution industry is challenging. Let our Toronto web designers help your business take that next step forward.

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Let's make something.

Creating industry-leading web design for the manufacturing and distribution industry is challenging. Let our Toronto web designers help your business take that next step forward.

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