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Project Overview

Pack your bags, gas up the RV and climb aboard for an adventure spanning the most iconic places Canada has to offer from coast-to-coast. Learn how our web designers revitalized Canada’s most prolific adventure and lifestyle brand with a custom WordPress website design.

A hand-crafted website design for Canada’s top travel and adventure brand.

Every now and then, an opportunity lands in our lap that leads to a true passion project. In this case, working with a prominent Canadian travel and adventure brand to inspire Canadians coast-to-coast to explore our beautiful country, visit iconic locations and embrace our wildhood.

Already familiar with Go RVing Canada, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved in the revitalization of such an important brand. A brand not only important on a personal or national level but essential to all Canadians struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic and loss of freedom and connection with nature due to continuous lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. Redesigning this national website to improve marketing communications and immerse Canadians in the RVing lifestyle was an extraordinary opportunity for our team.

Wildhood Story Page Design

Website Design Goals

Go RVing Canada Web Design & CMS

The Web Design Process

Approaching a new travel and adventure brand website design in many ways requires a different approach to discovery and research. As the first phase in our web design process, we dive headfirst into website analytics, competitor analysis and perform a series of web crawls to identify the website’s current SERP footprint. In understanding Go RVing Canada, its goals and the connection between website users and stakeholders, we found much more at play than meets the eye.

The website traditionally focused on connecting users with interest in RVing to a Canada-wide network of RV dealers. This goal provided excellent visibility and conversion for RV dealerships and rental outlets but left many users feeling a bit confused as to what the website was offering them.

RV Overview Page Design

With this new website design, we worked with Go RVing Canada to introduce the RV lifestyle into the brand and support the digital marketing while still providing stakeholders with the marketing value to their dealerships. To do so, we overhauled the navigation and reconfigured the user experience from the ground up. This change allowed our creative web designers to imagine a whole new experience to attract and showcase the RV lifestyle through carefully curated stories, celebrity RV trips and RV resources.

Responsive Website Design

Interactive tools in all environments.

A Truly Mobile Experience For Adventurers On-the-Go

To support this fundamental change, we helped brainstorm brand new features that would encourage Canadians from coast-to-coast to engage with specialized conversational tools to help them find and compare RVs that suit their families and lifestyles.

These interactive tools include an RV Matchmaker and an RV Trip Planner, both of which immerse pandemic-strained Canadians in the freedom of the RV lifestyle and drive traffic to RV events and an interactive dealer locator.

Trip Finder Design
RV Trip Planner Integration RV Trip Guide Design

Delivering On Stakeholder KPIs

The concept behind this change in approach is to deliver on the KPI’s mandated by stakeholders, but better prime and appeal to the audience by not just selling the idea of renting or purchasing an RV, but by experiencing the RV lifestyle, which is gaining significant interest as the COVID-19 pandemic wears on.

The multilingual website offers a truly Canadian experience in English and French, powered by a custom-built WordPress multisite. Since 2003 our web developers have specialized in custom WordPress website design, and that experience shines through in this beautiful new website.

RV Dealer Locator Design
Cyrus Irani

The thoroughness with which Parachute approached the strategy behind the project stood out. I wanted to be challenged by a design team on certain decisions, and they did that. Finishing on time and on budget, the initial impact of the work has our KPIs are up 18%–20% already. Certain components of the site that Parachute enhanced for us are up closer to 50%. We’re thrilled about these gains, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Go RVing Canada Logo
Cyrus Irani,

Director of Digital Strategy

The custom WordPress install powers nearly all the interactive features in the site, including the RV Comparison Tool, Affordability Calculator, the RV Matchmaker Questionnaire, and connects the impressive RV Trip Planner to an external headless CMS powered by NOMAD.

NOMAD powers the interactive route planning features and curated trip guide development. This information is passed to the WordPress site seamlessly should users wish to browse, plan or even customize curated trips across Canada that feature some of our country’s most beautiful vistas, historic sites and even weekend getaways.

With more interactive features planned for the future, this beautiful new website is crafted to power everything the marketing team demands of it today and down the line. Built on the world’s most popular content management system the new website provides Go RVing Canada with the digital marketing foundation to support their television spots as well as various paid advertising media.

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Complex web design and digital strategy require creativity and experience. Our web design agency has two decades of experience delivering success for organizations across Canada.

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