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Project Overview

Helping Toronto’s top physiotherapists refine their online marketing and take the reigns with their search engine optimization and content management with a custom WordPress website.

Digital rebranding and custom WordPress website design for Toronto’s leading physiotherapy clinic.

Since 2003 our Toronto website design company has worked with leading healthcare providers and hospitals to refine and revitalize their digital marketing and search engine optimization search engine optimization. We deliver the best physiotherapy website design through the implementation of our creative strategies which are woven into our custom WordPress website development services. When the opportunity to work with Cornerstone Physiotherapy presented itself we were elated to join the project team as we were confident that we could make a big difference in their online marketing and conversation rate performance.

Corporate Rebranding and Design Goals

Physiotherapy Clinic Web Design

Web Design Process

Research and Strategy

With all website development projects, we begin with in-depth research and strategy in order to understand our client’s business as well as their audience so that we can provide a project plan geared towards meeting their specific needs and goals. In this case, as Cornerstone already ranked extremely well for their primary keywords it was especially critical that we closely analyze keyword strategies as proposed adjustments would provide more of a fine-tuning than a complete overhaul.

With our research in hand and project plan approved by the team, we moved on to our strategy work that begins with a site mapping exercise designed to map out all pages that will exist in the new physiotherapy website and where they will live within the navigational structure. This phase of the project is important as it is the first tangible piece of information our clients can review to better understand our plan to improve their website.

Cornerstone Physiotherapy Clinic Website Design

Following approval of the new site map and navigational experience, our Toronto web designers began work on conceptual wireframe designs. The wireframing exercise is designed to help plan out the user journey and conversion optimization of all unique page layouts that will exist within the new physical therapy website.

Wireframes are presented to our clients using a best-in-class interactive prototyping and collaboration tool that allows all stakeholders to view the UI plans in context and share feedback privately within the group. Once any wrinkles are smoothed out, we push forward to everyone’s favourite part of the website design process – the website design phase.

Responsive Website Design

Access anywhere.

Physiotherapy Website Design

Using the forward momentum established throughout the discovery and strategy phases our physiotherapy web design experts jumped into the creative phase to create the high fidelity user interface concepts. The importance of wireframing is fully realized during the creative phase as our client is able to get a clear understanding of how the user journey and conversion goals within each section of the website will be approached from a structural perspective. This allows everyone to focus on creating a truly beautiful UI design over top of the newly planned page architecture limiting the need for wholesale revisions.

Responsive Web Design for Physiotherapy Clinics
Mobile Website Design for Physiotherapists Mobile Website Design for Physical Therapy Clinics

Our Toronto web developers play a key role in the strategy and design phases of our projects that focus on web design for physiotherapy clinics to provide technical insight and to ensure that our creative web designers offer highly functional design options that are achievable for our clients and deliver on SEO benchmarks. In projects such as this, the technical input and guidance our developers provide shine through in the performance and smooth transitions throughout the user experience on the new website.

During the creative phase, we also rely on our interactive prototyping tool to showcase the conceptual design work in context for our clients so that they can make the most educated decisions possible while reviewing the concept design. Once all comments and feedback are addressed the artwork is prepped for development and our web developers take the lead with the next phase in the project, while our design team shifts focus to mobile interface design concepts.

Joon Nah

“Ok, you can stop looking for a web designer. Go with Parachute as I’ve already done all the homework. Over 20 website design firms were considered and interviewed for our website redesign. Portfolios were scrutinized and evaluated, web designers were put through my long list of prepared and sometimes challenging questions. We went with Parachute Design and honestly did not have a single regret.

They listen, but know when to push back and are on time and stick to promises. Only 2 weeks post-launch and we are already seeing some organic wins including higher Google rankings, more contact requests, phone calls and new patients booked online.

I’m grateful to have connected with Parachute Design. I can’t imagine any future web-work without them involved.”

Cornerstone Physiotherapy Logo
Joon Nah,

Co-founder, Cornerstone Physiotherapy

WordPress Development

Our Toronto web design agency has provided custom WordPress development for nearly 20 years and through this journey, our development team has build the knowledge base and technical expertise to deliver highly customized and hand-tailored WordPress websites that achieve our client’s goals.

Understanding that our client had considerable knowledge in the webspace and could manage more technical and advanced content management strategies with their hands-on approach with their website our talented web developers set to work to build very smooth and flexible CMS platform that allows for the personalization and fine-tuning of all aspects of the website and individual user journeys.

In providing this absolute control over user experience, conversation strategy and content Cornerstone was able to see near-immediate returns on their investment only two weeks after the launch of the new website.

Custom WordPress Design for Physiotherapy Clinics

Website Deployment

Following the launch of the new website, our Toronto web design company offers a full 60-days of complimentary support that includes software updates, performance monitoring and bug fixes. Throughout the post-launch period with Cornerstone, we found several opportunities to enhance both website performance as well as user experience through additional customizations and personalizations within the conversion funnels.

WordPress Training and SEO Best Practices

After the launch of the new website when the excitement wanes and the dust begins to settle we scheduled a virtual CMS demo to walk our clients through the day-to-day management of the new website and the inner workings of their new custom WordPress install. The WordPress demo covers all of the latest and greatest content management tools as well as content and search engine optimization best practices to follow as our clients take over the website and begin building content on their own.

The virtual demo is recorded and later shared as a downloadable video so that it can be kept on file to train new team members or refresh anyone’s memory down the line.

About Parachute Design

Parachute Design has been at the pinnacle of the Toronto web design industry since 2003. Our creative and technically-savvy team of website designers and developers are recognized for their passion for highly functional websites and willingness to listen, explore and to push the limits of our clients’ ideas to help them dominate the digital marketing space within their respective industry.

To learn more about our how our experience and technical knowledge can help transform your marketing efforts please submit our free proposal planner or contact us at 416-901-8633.

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Physiotherapy website design and search engine optimization that delivers results are our bread and butter. Contact us today to start laying the groundwork for the next steps in your business’ digital marketing journey.

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Let’s make something.

Physiotherapy website design and search engine optimization that delivers results are our bread and butter. Contact us today to start laying the groundwork for the next steps in your business’ digital marketing journey.

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