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Web Design Services

  • Digital Brand Refresh
  • Graphic Design
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Art Direction & Consulting


  • Custom WordPress Development
  • SSO Integrations
  • CRM Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization

Project Overview

Xandar Kardian develops and deploys UWB radar to monitor how human health and building health are monitored, analyzed and improved across a variety of real-world environments. From continuous vital signs monitoring in healthcare settings to precise occupancy data and people counting in built environments, Xandar Kardian provides real-time data for every scenario.

A digital brand refresh and custom B2B technology company website design.

Xandar Kardian began their journey several years ago with a clear mission in hand – to disrupt the UWB radar industry and delivery world-class monitoring capabilities across healthcare settings and built environments. XK quickly outgrew their initial website and were ready to take the next step with a brand refresh and custom website design that offered the marketing team the flexibility to communicate across multiple media channels and create powerful web pages on the fly.

Our creative team was up to the challenge and dove right in with members of the XK team across multiple continents to understand their vision and plans for the future.

No matter the scale of the project, our first step is always thorough discovery session with our clients to identify current marketing goals for today and anticipate what their digital needs may be in the long term. It is important for our team to understand the marketing team’s needs and methodology as it will dictate the newl interface design and potential integrations within the new website. Perhaps more important, this understanding allows our development team to tailor the content management system to the way our clients want to use their new website day-to-day.

B2B Technology Company Website Design for Xandar Kardian

Website Design Goals

B2B Tech Company Web Design for Xandar Kardian

The Web Design Process

Since 2003 Parachute has crafted beautiful custom website design for technology companies across North America. Constantly refining our creative strategy to deliver finely tailored digital marketing assets and engaging experiences that consistently move the ROI needle for our clients. Our collaborative work with the XK team spanned three countries including Canada, the US and Korea. Working together from both sides of the planet we crafted a truly ownable brand experience through a beautiful new user interface design that helped the company mature into the next phase of its corporate life.

After completing our discovery phase our creative team develops important web strategy beginning with a new site map design aimed at simplifying and improving the navigational experience to reduce friction and confusion. The site map design exercise is an important step in designing a new website as it offers the opportunity to address pain points in the current website and design a more user-friendly and intuitive navigational system.

UX or user experience design, sometimes referred to as wireframing is perhaps the most important foundational exercise in the web design process. This exploration of information architecture is our opportunity to present insightful user journeys to stakeholders to understand how our design team intends all web users to experience and navigate through the website from landing page to conversion point.

Adaptive Interface Design

Flexible for all environments.

Creative UI Design

Once the wireframes for each unique type of page within the new website is reviewed, revised and approved by stakeholders our web design team changes gears and focuses on establishing the initial high-fidelity concept design. The concept is prototyped for stakeholder review and we work together to refine the conceptual artwork and iron out any wrinkles before transitioning into the design expansion phase.

Responsive B2B Web Design for Xandar Kardian
Mobile B2B Web Design for Xandar Kardian Mobile B2B Tech Web Design for Xandar Kardian

Design expansion focuses on carrying the new design system across all wireframes to create impactful responsive interface designs for both desktop and mobile environments. Providing this real-world prototyping experience to key decision-makers in the company offers a trye apples to apples comparison of how the new website will look and behave in all contemporary environments. This practice ensures that our clients have every opportunity to review and refine the user interface design before web development to make the most educated decisions possible.

As our creative design team handed off the new website design to our web developers we shifted focus to refreshing and refining the KX brand through a series of marketing collateral. New presentation decks, whitepapers and various marketing materials were redesigned to bring unity to the company’s communications across all channels from sales through customer support.

Custom WordPress Website Development

WordPress is our go-to CMS because its open-source foundation and industry-leading flexibility allow our award-winning WordPress developers to shape and mold the content management system to support a wide variety of page configurations and layout options for our clients. The WordPress platform is so easy to use that we often train new website owners with a 60-minute CMS demo and they’re off to the races. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, powering nearly 40% of all websites for these reasons.

Our development approach to custom WordPress websites provides a rigid enough content management system to prevent most mishaps and “off-brand accidents,” but flexible enough to offer complete control and customization within each page layout to toggle individual page components on or off to creating a gamut of unique experiences throughout the website.

Every pixel in the Xandar Kardian website is accounted for across the spectrum of responsive environments to provide a frictionless user experience and power organic search engine performance.

B2B Technology Product Design for XK

CMS Demo and Industry-leading SEO Training

As we put the new website through its paces in our pre-launch QA testing we fine tune the website for peek performance and iron out any last minute wrinkles on the staging environment. Before we officially launch, we conduct a guided CMS training session with the marketing team and all project stakeholders to ensure they are ready to get behind the wheel of their new CMS. We conduct this training session as a recorded screencast which helps to serve as an opportunity to walk web administrators through the powerful content management and marketing tools available in the new website and build comfort and familiarity with the CMS. We also spend ample time conducting a live question and answer period to make sure the entire team has an opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new marketing tool.

We also share our extensive experience managing media and content for websites of all shapes and sizes so that the marketing team understands how to properly format and publish content to take advantage of the latest search engine optimization tactics to give the website every opportunity to dominate the search engine rankings.

Lastly, when we hand over the administration of website we know that our client is ready to take over and use the most powerful marketing tool in their arsenal to grow their business.

Manage and Grow

For the first 60 days after launch, we offer complimentary end-to-end aftercare for the website. This includes scheduled maintenance and support that includes security updates, 24/7 performance monitoring and regular website audits to ensure the new website is healthy and beginning to achieve all of the goals we set out to achieve together at the beginning of the project. Once the aftercare period runs its course, we offer individualized maintenance and support plans that will ensure our client’s site is safe, secure and stable for the long term. This also allows the marketing team to make incremental update requests each month to accommodate evolving marketing needs and adapt to their industry and competitors quickly.

Let's grow your business.

B2B website design and brand management requires a fast paced team with the experience to turn on a dime and adapt to the nuances of the B2B tech industry. Delivering premium design that unites form and function to grow your business is our guiding principle.

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Let's grow your business.

B2B website design and brand management requires a fast paced team with the experience to turn on a dime and adapt to the nuances of the B2B tech industry. Delivering premium design that unites form and function to grow your business is our guiding principle.

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