Drawing visitors to your website is, or should be the main focus when planning a web project. We believe that there are no real secrets involved in this process – seriously, this information is everywhere – so we strive to maintain transparency with our clients throughout the project. Plus, the better your website functions, the better we look!

At Parachute Design we don’t think our techniques are top secret and aim to discuss these with our clients throughout every stage of an online project. If you’re providing your own content for your new website, you play just as important a role as the web designer and developer.

Content, Content… Content!

Creating good, focused content is arguably the most important part of this process. We usually advise content providers focus on the main keywords (often services) of the business. This ensures that your website appears in relevant searches attracting the most attention from people that are genuinely interested in your product or services.

Another recommendation we have is that you keep your content fresh and interesting to your target audience. If you can’t capture their attention on the home page and entice them to dig deeper, you’ve already lost the game.

Page Titles & Content Headings

A very effective strategy to maximize relevant search hits is to match your page title with a search term that tells Google that your page contains the content the user is searching for. To take this strategy even further, we recommend that the first content heading match the page title as closely as possible which will further reinforce the relevancy of this pages content in the user’s search.

Site Maintenance & Updates

By monitoring your Google Analytics (by the way, we install this amazing free tracking code on every site we design and build) over time you will begin to notice trends and popular keywords or phrases. As these trends become evident, it’s best to update your website with similar or related content.

Google Adwords and HTML or rich email campaigns can also be integrated with your Google Analytics to further analyze and strengthen your marketing.

You can tackle this task yourself with a little bit of know-how, or we can incorporate a monthly maintenance plan into our agreement.

Inbound Links

Consider how the majority of business is done – word of mouth recommendations. By treating your inbound links or links from other websites as a way of someone vouching for your business you can further strengthen your online relevancy. The more inbound links your website has, the more of an authority on the users’ search term you are considered.

Rich Media

We try to avoid holding important content in Flash files, graphics and videos because this information is virtually invisible to Google. We include alternative text labels on these items to ensure that there is some degree of visibility to Google. This also enhances the user experience for the seeing impaired and mobile device users.

By combining these basic techniques in the right combination, we can work together to ensure your website becomes best friends with Google.