Creating custom website design for technology companies might be the most engaging project a designer can tackle today. Tech firms tend to be much more forward thinking, willing to take more risks and often have the budget to explore unique design opportunities that businesses in other industries do not. For an example of this cutting edge design, take a peek at our website design for Polar.

Over the last decade, we’ve had the chance to create some awesome branding and website designs for technology companies both in and outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Over this time, we’ve built a list of best practices to rely on when approaching these truly inspiring projects.

Best Practices for Web Design for Technology Companies

Only the Most Creative Website Design

With any design project for a technology company there comes the expectation, both from the business owner and the audience, that the website will be a show stopper. Something truly unique and new in the industry that will leave visitors mouths agape and return over and over again to see what’s new. This expectation has been nurtured over the years as tech firms intensify their competition with one another and rely on the best designers to reimagine their brand and online presence year in and year out.

The tech industry is surely the fastest paced, most fluid industry with which we work. Some of our technology clients have relied on us to design and redesign their websites several times over in a matter of years. This high turnover rate is not a result of the website owners’ disdain for their website design. It’s because the competition is so fierce and technology changes so fast that they need to scratch and claw for any minuscule gain they can get over their competition at every moment. The expectation and hunger for more creative web design and development are endless to push the boundaries and be a thought leader in their space.

Trend Setting Web Development

Technology companies don’t stop at a high-end user interface design. To further bolster their brand, they push for the most flashy functionality and transitions or movement to further enhance the design. The more wow factor they can create, the better.

Less Focus on Page Content

An element unique to website design for the technology industry is content or lack thereof. With more emphasis placed on design and interactive website development, content takes a backseat in many cases as not to interfere with the “show”. That’s not to say the content is unavailable on these websites; it’s just buried down deep where only the most curious visitors will ever explore.

The More Conceptual, The Better

As much of the product or service offering within the tech industry is intangible, it can be difficult for companies to showcase their wares, or at least show them off in an exciting way. To combat this, designers rely on high-end conceptual imagery to help illustrate what the firms are offering and entice click-throughs or conversions.

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