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For more than a decade our Toronto web design company has created innovative ideas and creating beautiful handmade web design, custom logo design and branding.

Toronto is considered a world hub for technology and design, so it’s no surprise that website design companies in Toronto are extremely competitive. Since 2003 Parachute Design has practised custom web design, WordPress website development and corporate branding with businesses spanning every industry you can imagine. Our company-wide commitment to pixel perfect detail in all of our website design and logo design work is a testament and foundation stone in our longevity in one of the worlds most competitive web design markets.

A Tried and True Web Design Process

Many web designers in Toronto create beautiful website designs, there’s no denying it. What makes Parachute Design unique is that we have spent years refining and developing our six-step web design process into an art form. Our Toronto web design company does not simply create stunning web design solutions and marketing strategy, we create website designs that convert, exceed expectations and stand the test of time. We believe design has a single definition, and that is that design is harmony between form and function. Not only must our web design look great, it must work and offer improvement or enjoyment to both the website owner and web users. Our definition of design is found at the core of every website design we create for our clients in Toronto and abroad. Anyone of our clients will gladly share their appreciation for our web design company taking the time to walk them through our website design process so that our clients understand how design works and how their customers will interact with it.

Professional Web Design Services

As our Toronto web design company has grown over the years, we have built a design team that has many talents and strengths. Relying on our professional design team grants Parachute Design the ability to offer a range of professional graphic and web design services in Toronto, including:

Website Design for Intact Insurance

Vast Website Design Experience

Our competitive edge as a Toronto website design company is in part due to our growing vault of web design and analytics knowledge. Each time we work with a new client, we review their website analytics, user experience and audience to understand how their current website is performing and how their audience is using it. Through this web design discovery work we form our website design strategy to achieve all goals outlined at the beginning of the web design project.

Over time, our web design experience has grown to include intimate insight into just about every industry imaginable. With this deep understanding of how each type of business tends to marketing themselves and how their audience expect to interact with the website design, we are always in a prime position to create successful website design solutions. Our experience includes custom web design for:

As you can see, our Toronto web design company has extensive experience in just about every industry our client’s business may fall into. Our experience, combined with our attention and passion for detail in our website design work sets Parachute Design apart from the crowd.

Professional Website Design Portfolio

Creating beautiful website design is the core of our business in Toronto and across Canada. Through the years, Parachute Design has worked with clients big and small creating great business relationships along the way. These relationships have left our clients with increased business revenue and conversion rates, and left our web design company with an extensive web design portfolio. For a sense of our web design work, you may wish to explore a few of our most recent website design case studies:

To review our more expansive work, swing by our web design portfolio.

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If you’re ready to go and have an RFP to share, or would like us to help scope out your web design project, please review and submit our web design proposal planner to get started.

Insurance Company Web Design - Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance

Lowering the curtain for an inside look at our responsive website design and custom WordPress development for Intact Insurance’s digital assessment portal.

  • Website Architecture & Strategy
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Art Direction & Consulting
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